House of Hoops, the Toronto version? Say it ain’t so!

House of Hoops
House of Hoops

Rumours and talks have been swirling in the NikeTalk forums for a couple weeks now about Nike Canada finally deciding to open up a Canadian House of Hoops in Toronto.  For anybody that doesn’t know what a House of Hoops is and wonder what this all means to our city, well listen carefully.  Launched by a collaboration between Nike and Footlocker, the first House of Hoops was opened on November 19, 2007 on Harlem’s famed 125th Street.  Everything and anything to do with basketball is within the store’s walls.  All the exclusive PE (Player Exclusive) Jordans, Jordan gear and most importantly (and not frequent enough), the retro Jordans at retail price.  Yes, if available, you can get a pair of the Jordan 4 Retro “Mar’s Blackmon” at the price when they first came out.

“House of Hoops is a hub for all things basketball and a new home for consumers who live and breathe the game.  It’s the ultimate basketball store. House of Hoops offers a stellar line-up of performance and basketball inspired footwear, apparel and equipment from the game’s biggest names, meeting the needs of the every day player.”  Charlie Denson, President of the Nike Brand.

After the expected success of the Harlem store, Nike and Footlocker opened up 2 other stores in the US, one in Chi-Town and L.A.  Toronto heads were all scratching their heads and wondered when House of Hoops would grace our city.  Well, according to one source on NikeTalk, it’s been tentatively confirmed that Nike Canada will launch the first Canadian store here in Toronto for 2010.  The exact location hasn’t been finalized yet as Nike apparently wants the store to be 2 floors, and can’t be in the vacinity of any NikeTowns.  It’s been rumoured now that it might be in the West-end.  But no matter where it’s going to be, Toronto having a House of Hoops means one thing…Nike is putting our city with the likes of NY, Chi-Town and L.A as a major player in the sneaker culture.  Fam, we major!

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  1. ok so i hear HOH was suppose to come out in 2010 and now it is 2011, can anyone provide the location for this if it is true that this store is here? much appreciated.

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