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This is the mother of all work-outs, you will cry, you will be in pain, you will hurt in places that you never thought you had muscles. That is the reality of P90x! They say extreme for kicks, they are serious. I’m sure some of you have seen the infomercials for this program and have figured that “here’s another gimmick in a box”, well I am here to tell you that it works!


It all began with the Power 90, an immensely popular 90 day program that continues to have a huge following. The goal was to create a program for those who wanted more. It was about taking the Power 90 and turning up the flames to create a truly extreme workout program, the Power 90 Extreme, better known as the P90X! Heading it up is fitness extraordinaire Tony Horton of course! Nearly 2 years worth of hard work was poured into the research and development of P90X. With leading fitness experts designing and testing the routines, little by little the program began to take shape. The system focuses on the training science of Muscle Confusion. The technique of constantly changing up the routines you do, which prevents your body form adapting, and promotes continuous results. It’s called a training science for a reason.

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For those you wondering if I have done this program I have, more importantly so has my brother. Granted I didn’t have the will power to stick with it, but once again my brother fared better than me. Hence why this testimonial is based on his results not mine. My brother has struggled with his weight from a very young age and in recent years has taken it upon himself to do something about it. So like most people he tried the gym and much like my attempts at this program didn’t last very long. That’s when he came across P90X and after watching the infomercial on T.V. felt it was the first workout program that actually seemed real. There was no gimmick no false promises. So he decided to give it a try. When my brother started the program he weighed about 200lbs, so for all you people who think you are beyond the point of working out, think again!  He developed a regiment and worked out everyday for an hour, dedicated to whipping his body in shape. There were many days when he was sore, but the pain was actually his motivation, it finally made him feel like he was accomplishing something. Like many of us that go to the gym, we rarely push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, but with P90X that happens automatically. So after the 90 days my brother did a count and took a deep breath to weigh himself. Had the program worked?

My brother weighed a wopping 175lbs, thats 25lbs in 90 days an amazing achievement for someone who has struggled to loose weight all his life. But hold up, when he was recounting he noticed that even though he was very dedicated he had actually only finished 45 days of his 90 day plan. So he actually lost 25lbs in 45 days.   Need I say more?!

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