The Big Ticket **MORE VS. MOJO**

The BIG Ticket
The BIG Ticket

With promo vid’s running weeks leading up to the event, $15 tickets being sold everywhere, there was no doubt that the hype surrounding The Big Ticket was… “BIG”


Lets take it back a step and look for a second at previous MORE events. From many jams like MORE Brooklyn, MORE Diva’s and most recently, MORE Collabo’s, we’ve come to expect a certain caliber of excellence. We have become accustomed to expecting good music, good people and heat from the sneaker heads.  For those of you that have never been to a MORE jam, lemme give you the backstage scoop. MORE events are always designed with a theme, for example: MORE Brooklyn was a jam that gave us classic joints straight out of the BK.  At MORE Collabo’s they played some of the best and memorable collaborations… Get the jist?! So when it came to The Big Ticket, even though there was no musical theme, there was a BATTLE between team MORE and team MOJO.

Agile and Fase    Crowd

Crowd 2     Boogeyme'n and P-Plus

Agile     Boogeyme'n

P-Plus and Agile   Fase

So without further adieu…THE SCOOP:

It all went down May 30th at Revival and can I say it was a show not to have been missed!! True to form there were no ego’s, no drunk ass people gettin’ into fights and no Top 40! The crowd was live and the place was packed. Once you were in you didn’t dare to leave, even for a cigarette. The DJ’s came to spin and the crowd was there to soak it in.  You really had to be a music connoisseur to have fully appreciated the scene, ’cause MORE jams aren’t designed to appeal to the masses.  They aren’t groupies looking to please everyone, all they care about is reppin’ the music. When you hear a set where Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Micheal Jackson are used to battle back with album cuts from Biggie, Gang Starr and Q-Tip, you know this ain’t your average gig.  You were either singing along with all the ole school Hip Hop, R&B and Lovers Rock or simply being educated.  Whatever your take you know you were having fun.

We included two clips that we had shot at the jam to highlight the music that graced our ears that night.  Sidebar, disregard the visuals.



RATING: polaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroid (8 of 10 Polaroids)

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