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Good day Toronto! On June 24th, 2009 we bore witness to a new movement here in Toronto. We were privileged to have been invited to the premiere event of The Members Only Social Club. I am sure that many of you are wondering what we are talking about? Well here is the inside scoop.  For starters The Members Only Social Club is a private-invite only event started by a group of young urban professional here in Toronto.  Much in the air of secrecy, we will not be mentioning the names and details of these individuals as they are well known in the Toronto circuit.


“The Members Only Social Club™ is striving to take young urban professionals to the next level of social experiences in Toronto. The Social Club represents a broad based network of Toronto’s future leaders; young and influential urban professionals, …  that have a desire to experience a lavish and exciting lifestyle. The Members Only Social Club™ will provide Toronto’s tastemakers with new social experiences that will showcase diverse venues and provide access to activities that are seldom available to, or considered, by you busy, dream-chasing socialites. We are striving to bring world class events to a world class city.”


The Venue: The Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville

Food: Lobster spoons, fresh tamarind samosas, mini burgers and of course popcorn for the show

Beverages: Red & white wines, vodka, rum, and an array of soft drinks and pop

Screening: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Needless to say, this inaugurating event was nothing short of  great and truly delivered on its mission statement. The location was stellar, the food was decadent, but the highlight of the evening were all the social encounters. Having known only the host prior to our arrival, we soon met and made new friends and contacts.  People just like us, young professionals looking to take the Toronto scene to new levels. This was indeed a great experience and we look forward to many more like it.  Toronto truly needs a social  scene like this that is devoid of pretense and snobbery and where positive people can get together for a social experience.  We are humbled to have been invited to such an event and proud that this was a dream made true by Toronto’s very own.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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