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Dust off your oversized headphones and brush up on your DJ skills, because Genius Products and 7 Studios just announced that Scratch: The Ultimate DJ will release with a library of over sixty songs.

The complete list of tracks has yet to be revealed, but songs from Kanye West, Beastie Boys and Run DMC are already set to appear on our digital turntables during Q2 2009, on both PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.  So as you can imagine with a game like this there’s gotta be a special controller, right?! Gentlemen I introduce you to The Scratch Deck. So, much like rock band and other games with the scratch Deck  you have the ability to DJ to some of your fav tracks with the free-spinning, touch-sensitive turntable. If you ever had a dream about being a DJ this is as close as you are gonna get to the real experience.




Now if that wasn’t good enough here’s the kicker, for most music fanatics the samples provided by Scratch: The Utltimate DJ may not be sufficient and so with The Scratch Deck you are free to upload your very own samples via a compatible USB microphone.

Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Numark, had an interesting statement to make, “For decades, Numark has been developing turntables, DJ mixers and digital DJ controllers. We know what professional DJs demand, and we used that knowledge to produce SCRATCH DECK. […] It was critical that we deliver an authentic DJ experience to gamers, whether they be experienced DJs or players who have never put a needle to vinyl.”

The device is going to create a very real DJ and Hip-Hop experience, so real that even Quincy Jones III of QD3 Entertainment can vouch for it, “Being involved with Hip-Hop for so long, Numark has consistently been the standard for innovation and leadership in computer DJ controllers, their quality is second to none. […] We are very excited to partner with them to deliver the most authentic DJ experience for gamers and look forward to letting gamers and Hip Hop enthusiasts get their hands on the controller for the first time at E3.”

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