Top 10 things to have at an ultra-hyped up sneaker drop.

Every sneaker head can tell you that every so often, there’s a shoe that garners so much attention and hysteria that some will line up for days to secure their hands on them.  Examples: Day of the Dead/SBTG Fam&Friends/Shanghai’s/De La Soul/Futura P-Rods re-release at Goodfoot last year, Jordan XX3’s, Supreme Destroyers 2007, the 2005 Pigeon’s (where a major riot broke out in front of Reed Space in NY) and most recently, the Yeezy’s.  So, ever wondered what to bring and do for this type of wait (and how do you go to the bathroom?!?)?  Here’s our top 10 things to have if you’re brave enough to line up for your Holy Grails.

Where are you Yeezy?

The Day The Sneaker World Stood Still

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