Where are you Yeezy?

Either you hate them or love them, you cannot deny that the hype surrounding the Yeezy’s is historic.  Rumours about the Nike x Kanye collaboration (first pair Nike has ever done with a non-athlete) surfaced early ‘08.  Then at the 2008 Grammy’s, Ye unveiled them to the world.  And who could forget his Glow in the Dark Tour where he wore them on stage?  It was then announced that it would be a trilogy.  Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it!?  The first Yeezy’s (Zen Grey) finally graced our planet April 4, 2009 with as much hype and nervousness that one would expect after a year in waiting.  Sneaker heads (and re sellers) lined up days before the launch date, and here in Toronto, it rained heavily for the two days leading up to the drop.  But yet, these souls lined up along Spadina for days, lawn chairs and umbrellas in hand, camped out in front of Livestock.  May 2, 2009 came, and another pair was given to us by Nike, this time the most anticipated colour, the Black/Pink Yeezy’s.  If you didn’t think the first time around was bad, this colourway topped it.  2 dudes from Ohio (yes, OHIO!) were the first ones in line at Livestock…on the Wednesday!  Needless to say, they got theirs, but many others didn’t.

taken from http://hustlegrl.com/blog/
taken from http://hustlegrl.com/blog/

This time around, the last and final colourway from this trilogy will be released June 6.  The Net/Net Yeezy’s are very similar to the first 2 in terms of look; however, there are subtle differences.  The first two, only the soles glowed in the dark, whereas the swoosh on the Net/Net will glow too.  And the straps are a solid colour without the Y’s stamped all over it.  The hype still lives on with the Net/Net’s, so be prepared!  And I won’t even start with the LVeezy’s!

June 6 drop at Livestock (will hand out raffle tickets at 10:30am sharp and raffle begins at 11am for all available pairs), Footlocker Yonge/Dundas (issued wristbands to VIP clients for raffle on launch date at last check), Stolen Riches (already a line up formed), The Vault (supposedly a line up already formed too) and of course eBay.  More stores will be added when info becomes available.

And to sum up what most people who lined up for the first 2 (and the future souls for the June 6 release) probably said in their heads (or out loud), newcomer (and homegrown talent) Blake Carrington (aka. Dolla N A Dream) did a joint dedicated to that sentiment.


Joint’s called Give Me My Yeezy’s (LOL) off of his debut mixtape: Welcome to my World, check him out at: www.myspace.com/blakecarringtonsworld

Sidebar, if he looks familiar, he is.  He’s also on Kid Famous’ joint, A Kid Tryna Make It (feat. Mayhem Morearty & Blake Carrington) off Famous’ I Rap Now.  Check him out at: http://www.myspace.com/thekidfamous

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