Caribana 2009: Breakfast Club

Caribana 2009
Caribana 2009

breakfast club n

a gathering of like-minded individuals who had previously congregated at a nightclub and are now at an establishment where they are re-fueling on eggs, bacon, ham, toast, hash browns, french toast and other similar foods while discussing about the night – “Are we doing breakfast club after, because I am famished!”


There’s nothing like going to breakfast club after a night of good music, good people and crazy vibes at the club.  Toronto may be known for all its restaurants, but it’s difficult to find one that’s opened at 3 am.  But the ones that are open at that time, they are a God-sent!  And with the ever so famous, Caribana Weekend fast approaching, after all those events and jams, you’re bound to be hungry!  So before you go to Club Bedrock, we list our 5 (in no particular order) 24-hour restaurants in the city for you to attend.


2363 Yonge Street
(416) 322-7111

“One of the best greasy spoons in the city, breakfast is served around the clock on Fridays and Saturdays.  Look for eggs served many ways (Benedict, Benjamin, Florentine, with onions, with steak, and omelettes), as well as Belgian waffles, French toast, and “griddle cakes”, freshly baked muffins, and cereal. You’ll also find gut-busting sandwiches (corned beef, Ruben, and BLTs) and lighter fare (salads and home-made soup).”

golden griddle

45 Carlton Street
(416) 977-5044
18 Duncan Street
(416) 916-1689

“For more than 40 years, Golden Griddle has served home style meals in a family friendly atmosphere. A daily breakfast/brunch buffet, their famous pancakes, as well as lunch and dinner specials are on the menu at this location.  Breakfast specials can include pancakes, Belgian waffles, ham, and sausage.”

pho pasteur restaurant

525 Dundas Street West
(416) 351-7188

“The prices are what you would expect from a 24 hour place, slightly more, but they make sure you’ve got enough of everything. Tasty dishes, and no skimping on the Thai basil/mint/lemon/bean sprouts (like some of the Chinese run competition on Spadina). Tasty broth and blasting AC in the summer.  Can be a bit greasy but definitely a fave!”

markham station

5117 Sheppard Ave. East
(416) 800-4340

“This all day breakfast diner is no secret to those living in the east end of Toronto.  It is by far one of the most popular in the east-end.  It’s cheap, hearty and service is always given with a smile.  And their prices are cheap.  Check out their breakfast specials starting at $4.99.  And they give you a lot of food!”

vesta lunch

474 Dupont Street
(416) 537-4318

“One of the few, and probably last, truly 24-hour greasy spoon diners in the city, and still with the same Formica counter that graced the place when your grandfather had his morning coffee there.  It’s not classy but it’s classic, not cuisine but it has character.  And when you’re hammered at 3am, there’s nothing quite like a plate of hot eggs, toast, and coffee under fluorescent lighting to wake you up pleasantly.”

Vesta Lunch Markham Station

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    1. To be honest we didnt’ forget about Fran’s. It’s only that when you go there after a club, the service takes forever. Hence why we didn’t include it in the list.

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