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Jason Markk
Jason Markk

There’s something to be said about a clean pair of shoes.  They take you back to when you first bought them, that distinct sentiment of when they shone on your feet…all fresh and clean.  They are an essential part of any man’s ensemble and some go as far and declare that the state of one’s shoes, is the reflection of that person.  Now sure, shoes are meant to be worn.  But that doesn’t mean they have to look, well, worn!  Like us, this is especially true to avid collectors of these precious commodities.  Over the course of time, from using a tooth brush and dish detergent to actually putting them in the washer (so we’ve heard), we’ve tried them all…but to no avail.  Just when we thought that we were doomed to wear our dirty Jordans (or those Lanvin tennis sneakers), we struck gold…in the liquid version.

“We make premium goods and accessories for the sneaker boutique market. Our goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today’s sneaker consumer by offering innovative, high-quality products and accessories. Our mission is to become the most widely recognized and trusted sneaker product and accessory brand in the world.”

Jason Markk is a God sent to shoes and their owners.  It was designed with the sneaker connoisseur in mind, and the first of its kind to serve the unique sneaker retail concept.  It is also eco-friendly as well.  98.3% natural, the solution does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives, and is completely biodegradable.  Derived from natural soaps of coconut and jojoba oils, it not only cleans, but it conditions as well.  Because of its oil make up, it provides a conditioning property after each scrub.  While utilizing the bristled cleaning brush with the liquid solution, it creates an emulsification process that expels all the dirt, scuff marks and reminders of when you didn’t take care of your shoes.  Wherever it is safe to use water, it’s safe to use Jason Markk.

You will truly be amazed of its magic after your first scrub.  Now granted, some marks are extremely stubborn, with this liquid gold: that mark that you thought would never come off, after Jason Markk, you wouldn’t even notice it was ever there.  If you don’t believe what you’re reading right now, here’s evidence to back up our raptures for this gem.


It is also a remarkably easy solution to use.  All you need is a bowl of warm water and a clean cloth.  You simply:

  1. Dip the brush in the water
  2. Apply the liquid to the brush
  3. Dip the brush back into the water
  4. Scrub the shoe to create foaming action
  5. Wipe clean with cloth
  6. Look astonished

In just under a couple minutes, your soiled shoes look brand new again.  Trust us on this, cleaning your shoes with Jason Markk will eventually be a routine.  Oh yes, it will also make scrubbing shoes fun…and oddly, soothing like.

steps_01 steps_02

steps_03 steps_05

via http://www.jasonmarkk.com/

A 8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution cleans over 50 pairs and goes for about $35 CDN (complete set with 8 oz. bottle and cleaning brush).

Available at only 1 store on the entire Canadian East Coast:

North Trooper
69 Yorkville Ave. Unit 102
(416) 922-1777

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