The “Toronto” Sartorialist

The man who started the beloved fashion blog The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, was in Toronto Wednesday July 22 2009 and dropped by Holt’s (Bloor) to exhibit his work.  Well over 100 people, ranging from fashionista(o) vets, appreciators to upcoming designers, were there to meet this fashion phenomena.  Our newest member of FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN, jdantes, was on […]

Home Grown Talent

william nguyen. It has been said that photography is a formative and persuasive way of knowing the world around us.  By capturing that particular moment in history, it is in essence, a form of story telling.  In his 24 years, it is that notion of documenting life itself, that led William to beautifully master this […]


SOUTH ASIAN FESTIVAL For the Ninth year in a row, Toronto is hosting the official South Asian festival Masala! Mehndi! Masti! For those not of the Indian persuasion there words translate to “spice (alluding to cultural diversity), henna (representing art, culture and heritage) and fun… These three words sum up what we’re all about” says […]

Heart of the City!

DUNDAS SQUARE Claimed by many to be the busiest intersection in Canada, with over 56 million people each year who pass this intersection to work, play or shop. Also nicknamed as Toronto’s Times Square, as development is cited as modeling New York’s Times Square, Tokyo’s Shibuya district and London’s Piccadilly Circus. Dundas Square is truly […]

My Toronto

A picture says 1000 words.  In this age of hustle and bustle, we tend to forget that our city has amazing visuals that tell our story.  We may pass by an intersection, a road, a building, a person, a shop many times without appreciating its beauty.  Every week we want to give you a unique perspective from […]