Do you Remember?

MJ Tribute-Dundas Square July 1st to many maybe Canada Day but to the 30,000 people that reached Dundas Square it was all about Michael Jackson  For those like me that still can’t believe that he’s gone, this tribute was a much awaited event.  Many people over the years have questioned Michael’s relevance to the world […]

Home Grown Talent

raheem. There’s something to be said about the youth today and their musical tastes.  Sure, many would easily dismiss them for being ignorant about the monumental influences that past legends have given us.  Yet, at just 15, Raheem’s flow and lyrical ability have trumped most of those whose albums are currently on the top 10 […]


“We don’t know if you can feel it yet, but we can, there’s something in T.O.’s air. Whether it’s a current, charge, or some unknown force we’re not entirely sure but there is some sort of energy accumulating over this major metropolis of ours. You may not feel it yet, that’s ok, but all you […]