Secrets of a Black Boy

Secrets of a Black Boy
Secrets of a Black Boy

Wednesday September 23 2009 – Saturday October 3 2009

Some Secrets Are Darker Than Others.

Originally performed at Harbourfront in July of 2007, home grown talent Darren Anthony is bringing this raw and poignant play back in September.  Secrets of a Black Boy examines the stories of 5 black Toronto men: their trials, confessions and joys.  It is an honest look into the sometimes misunderstood world of black men and what they go through each and everyday.  A “male response” to the North American hit play and TV series, ‘Da Kink in My Hair (which was from the mind of his sister, Trey Anthony), Secrets of a Black Boy will give voice to the many, who have for too long been quiet about their deepest thoughts.

“It sort of dives into the minds of black males within the community and what secrets lie within it.  While it is, Secrets of a Black Boy, there are things that males across the board have to deal with.”  Sean Mauricette told CBC News July 2007

“Theatre for people who hate theatre! — Secrets of a Black Boy speaks to a new generation – urban non-theatre goers. With a soundscape of music meets theatre, this hot new production is a concert, a party and a play all in one. Secrets of a Black Boy will have theatre newbie’s and theatre lovers cheering for more!

Trey Anthony Productions is back with a thrilling new production by Actor and Playwright Darren Anthony and already the buzz on the street is deafening! People want more! The workshop production of this play in a 495 seat theatre sold out all four days and additional shows had to be added. Finally the full debut of Secrets of a Black Boy is coming in September. Secrets of a Black Boy is the no holds barred; tell it like it is male response to the smash-hit ‘da Kink in My Hair that gives a thought-provoking look into the emotional lives of black men. Directed by Kimahli Powell, with writing contributions by Executive Director and Dramaturge trey Anthony, Secrets of a Black Boy opens September 25, 2009 at The Music Hall.

This brutally honest new piece gives voice to five black men from Toronto whose in-your-face stories are set against the backdrop of the displacement of families in Regent Park. Secrets of a Black Boy promises to provide poignant insights into black, male culture and no subject is taboo from interracial dating, commitment phobia, gun violence, sexuality and abuse. Every stereotype black men face will be critically examined and explored, subsequently, giving audiences a fresh, new and authentic experience! You’ll never look at a black man the same again!

Secrets of a Black Boy stars five of Toronto’s hottest young actors including Playwright Darren Anthony; Edutainer and Shock Artist Samson Brown; Actor and Songwriter Shomari Downer; Producer, Director, Actor and TV personality Eli Goree; and Spoken Word Artist Al St. Louis. Joining this stellar cast on stage will be the legendary DJ O to provide the beats and atmosphere for the production.”

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