The 2nd Annual Upper Echelon x Big Business BBQ


There’s something to be said when a nightlife promotion company not only hosts phenomenal parties, but also gives back to the city that we all call home.  Such was the rarity Sunday July 26 2009, when the people behind the Upper Echelon and Big Business threw a free BBQ and provided good music, and even better company.  The 2nd Annual Sunshine Sunday BBQ was held at the elegant Wetbar, and despite the rain, over 1000 people came through to enjoy this fete.  The Upper Echelon and Big Business crews’ motto for this year’s BBQ was:

“No Cover + Free Food + Good Company = Great Vibes”

They didn’t disappoint.  Actually, more like they surpassed all of our expectations.  Everyone was having an amazing time as it was really a breath of fresh air to be able to relax and be around the best of the best in the city.  What added to the already perfect setting were the sweet sounds of Future the Prince, D’Enforcas, DJ Spoonz and the Infinity Sound Crew.  Think, Mood Music mixed in with a little bit of MORE and Sunday Night Live.  And the food!  Well, there are really no words to describe the food.  Put it this way: their food would put your mother’s home cooking to shame.

It truly felt like a large scale BBQ at one of your friend’s backyard, and that was exactly what Toronto needed.  It is unfortunate that this BBQ was really a one-of-a-kind in our city.  Future the Prince said it the best, when was the last time we had something like this?  I think we can all agree that this sort of BBQ needs to occur more often.  With that said, message to all the other nightlife promotion companies: take heed and start learning from these two companies.  The keys to success (and the way to your target audience’s heart), as demonstrated by these two companies are:

  1. Cater to your patrons;
  2. Ensure that they are all being taken care of;
  3. Provide them with an extraordinary atmosphere;
  4. Stick true to your motto of providing a world class event to a world class city;
  5. If you can get them out of their houses’ while it is raining…well, you’ve struck gold!

The Upper Echelon has yet again, elevated our city’s standards for nightlife.

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Now, if this BBQ was any indication of what Welcome and SNL (their Caribana events) are going to be like, then Toronto…get ready for the time of your life this weekend.

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