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You’re moving down the road and the sound of your engine is humming through the hood, wind whisking by your open window gently making its way around the cabin, and all is well in the world.  From a distance you hear deep rumble, you look out of your windshield only to be greeted by sunny skies.  You strain you ear to catch a clip of the sound.  You hear it again, this time it’s closer, fierce as though the earth had opened up and let loose the hounds of hell.  You frantically try to catch a glimpse of this approaching beast, you see a faint glimmer of the hounds approach.  Just then in your rear view, you see the beast.  Its’ eyes quickly approaching, its mouth ready to devour your entire being.  You stare in awe as the beast comes up beside you, everything is moving in slow motion.   The sound is more like music, the tone sublime, the silver glistening body shimmers in the sun light.  You catch its’ curves and its’ distinct lines, its’ bright white eyes have been replaced by red ones all the while letting you know that it’s still a beast at heart before disappearing into the next bend.

super cars

supercarFor most the experience with a super car is relegated to a passing glimpse or in some cases the opportunity to observe one up close while parked in public. However, this is where the experience comes to an end, majority of the public live vicariously through: car magazines, TV shows and various other mediums to feel the excitement of driving a super car. Super cars instill a sense of awe I feel is lost as one grows up, as kids a red fire truck cheaply painted with non-functional wheels could have raised more excitement than some grown ups can muster up on a good day. However, introduce a super car into the equation and you have people of all ages and genders clamoring over one another to get a piece of the action.

But one can’t dispute the fact that there is a big difference between looking and doing, and by doing I mean driving one of these incredible machines. The feeling of knowing that you have (in some cases) over 500 Horse Power at the disposable of your right foot is a feeling that is seldom matched. Now don’t feel this post is completely useless on the fact that most of us are not in position to go out in to the Ferrari showroom and walk out with a branch new Ferrari to experience the thrill. However, we do have options to rent the experience for a fraction of the cost and practically none of the hassles (i.e. maintenance or repairs).

Before I get to the rental options, I think it’s fairly prudent to provide some feedback on the various options one has in terms of super car rental and which in my opinion will be best suited for the downtown streets of Toronto not to mention your person flare. Let me start of with the obvious choices:

ferrariFerrari: Everyone who is anyone knows what Ferrari is, it’s heritage and it’s pedigree. A Ferrari has a distinct soundtrack if you would, something people are able to recognize and needless to say in a downtown environment that symphony echos for blocks on end. People will be looking for you before you are remotely close to them, and when you arrive well the neck snapping will be a reward in itself.

Lamborghini: Not many know that this radical car manufacturer started it’s roots by building farm tractors. However, there is no mistaking a Lamborghini when you see one, be it the classic Countach to the insanely aggressive and menacing Murcielago. The Lamborghini is considerably lower to the ground than most of the Ferarri which makes them particularly difficult to drive around. In addition,Lamborghini-Murcielago the car is a lot wider than people realize which as many know is a major issue when it comes to parking, especially in a downtown core scenario. Having said that if you want to really shake up the neighborhood there is simply no better way to do it than in a Lamborghini Murcielago with 580 Horses rearing to be let loose (legally of course).

Porsche: Ah yes the Porsche, no super car party would be complete without the absolutely ridiculously designed Porsche. To put this in perspective, the Porsche 911 Turbo generates approximately 540 Horse Power from an engine which is half the size of the Lamborghini (all be it uses two Turbo Chargers to do this). That means a car which weighs lighter and is smaller than the Lambo has just about the same amount of power. The Porsche in my opinion is probably the best suited car for the streets of downtown Toronto, however it’s not the one that is going to get you the neck snapping Porchereaction you’d expect from a super car strolling the streets. The reason being simply that the Porsche does not really show its super car ‘powers’ on the outside, there are no sharp edges, no see through engine covers, nothing! It keeps all its’ party pieces tucked away under the hood for when you really want to play.

So where do you get your hands on one of these beauties? Well there are a few options available in Toronto and before I go any further, I should point out that I have not used any of the below mentioned companies and this is not a reflection of their services or offerings.

affinity car rentals

Cars: BMWs, Covettes, Porsches, Ferrari, Lambo and Viper

Per Day Ranges: $230 – $1300 CDN

KM / Day : 100km

Cost Per KM : $.50 to $2.00

Deposits: $5000 – $10,000 CDN

gta exotics

Cars: Ferrari, Viper SRT10, AC Cobra, Porsche, NSX and Bentley GT

Per Day Ranges: $199 – $1899 CDN

KM/Day : 100KM

Cost Per KM: $0.50 – $1.50

Deposits Range: $2000 – $5000 CDN

canada exotic cars

Cars: BMWs, Covettes, Porsches, Ferrari, Lambo and Viper

Note: Prices are only available once a booking request has been submitted via site.

Now for the not so fun part, the part which can often turn the experience in to a sour one, the hidden ‘costs’ of super car rentals. Like I mentioned earlier the whole point of getting a super car is to experience the thrill, and the rental companies know this and therefore are more than willing to offer up quarter of a million dollar cars at reasonable prices. However, they are not going to simply take the deposit for deterrence purposes it’s also to make sure that they are able to recover any ‘damages’ you may inflict.

Damages don’t necessarily have to be physical or cosmetic (though those are hard to hide), I am talking about you driving the streets of Toronto when you notice a group of attractive young women and want to get their undivided attention, so you venture to do a burn out complete with Fire and Brimstone. The short yet successful antic does yield the results you required till you get the car back to the company which not only has pre-measured the tire depth prior to you taking the car but have also been monitoring your location and engine statistics. It’s pretty hard to explain to the rental company why you were at Bay and Bloor having the lovely V12 of your Lambo bouncing of the rev limiter without actually moving. So be careful these are expensive machines and though they are meant to have fun in the level of fun is closely monitored, they will tolerate some lead footing but only to a certain point.

In Closing, Super cars have always and will continue to embody something unique something that very few things can ever hope to achieve and for that purpose alone they are fantastic. If you have the oppurtunity I strongly suggest you take it and savour it for however long it lasts. Stay tuned next week for Part Two of this blog when I discuss the other side of automotive bliss the Super Luxury Group.

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