The “Toronto” Sartorialist

Scott Schuman - "The Sartorialist"
Scott Schuman - "The Sartorialist"

The man who started the beloved fashion blog The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, was in Toronto Wednesday July 22 2009 and dropped by Holt’s (Bloor) to exhibit his work.  Well over 100 people, ranging from fashionista(o) vets, appreciators to upcoming designers, were there to meet this fashion phenomena.  Our newest member of FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN, jdantes, was on hand to witness this grand event and shares his experience.


Upon arriving at Holt’s, you could tell that they had customized the section of the menswear room specifically for him.  They had his photos up with framed canvas’ with his quotes, a portrait of himself and his name all over the room.  When I arrived, the event itself was strictly a meet & greet affair, where up to about 100 fans had gathered around him for photo opportunities.  The event was originally scheduled to commence at 12:30, but it being fashion related resulted in the production running late (about 15 minutes to be exact).  Now, one comment that I have to state is that, Scott Schuman is extremely short…but was modestly dressed in black and white.  As he was chatting with media and fans, others were admiring his work taken from his blog (which there wasn’t really a point of it since they’re the same photos on his blog anyways!).

As I was roaming around the exhibit, I noticed that the crowd was mixed in terms of styles and generations.  On one spectrum you had a baby that was styled amazingly wearing a grey button-up, plaid shorts and boat shoes; while you had a pregnant lady that was immaculately dressed and looked beautiful whilst being pregnant.  The fête was put together extremely well as the staff at Holt’s were all on hand to ensure that the event ran smoothly.  Now, my only qualm about the set-up was that the crowd circled around Scott Schuman by the cash desk at the front entrance.  This was an odd place to hold such a thing as they could have held it in a better area, ie. The Ralph Lauren section next door.  But all in all, it was a success, as Toronto was  truly elevated by The Sartorialist.

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