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Welcome back to my post regarding the ultimate driving experience at fraction of the cost.  In part one, I wrote about super car rentals and the various options that are available for you, right here in Toronto.  Now, in part two, I want to talk about the other side of the spectrum, automobiles which thrill in a very different way than the super cars.  I am talking about the world of  Super Saloons: the S Class Mercedes, Bentley Continental GTMercedes M class SUV, to name a few.  Not everyone’s idea of a good car is associated with how quickly it will snap your neck back as you accelerate.  For some, they are more interested in simply taking in the drive.  This experience is all about strolling the downtown streets rather than running through them.


Don’t get me wrong, these super luxury automobiles are not your grand father’s old clunkers that simply bounce you around with their ‘jello’ suspension, oh no! These automobiles are the real deal.  They will just as easily glide you over the pot holes of downtown Toronto as they will snap your neck back when you have to pass another motorist.   To give you an idea of what I am talking about, the Mercedes S65 AMG is a full fledged saloon.  It is large, heavy (six thousand pounds) and drives like an absolute dream.  So, you would consider it to be simply adequate to get you from point A to point B while keeping you unruffled.  Well, guess again because when you put your lead foot down, the S65 unleashes an Earth stopping 740 foot pounds of torque (that is enough to stop the earth from revolving) and the full power of 600HP is unleashed to its wheels.  That gives you a 0-100kmh time of approximately 4.5 seconds,  from a car which is six thousand pounds, if that is not in super car territory, then I don’t know what would even come close.

As I mentioned earlier, driving a super saloon is more about the person in the car rather than the car itself.  These cars don’t so audi06much wear their ‘super’ badge on the outside as much as they do on the inside.  In comparison, everyone knows a Lambo is going to go fast and make a lot of noise, but almost no one would expect a super saloon to.  I find that when you see one of these drive-by’s, you are often more interested in who is in the car rather than the car itself.  Something you very seldom find yourself doing when looking at super cars in general.  Of course, that equation changes when there is a beautiful woman behind the wheel of an exotic.

Much like super cars, the super saloons are also distinctly different in their own way, and since these cars are more about the individual rather than the over all driving style (like the super cars), I think a small review of the three top brands that are easily available for rent in this city should be provided.

S Class interiorMercedes: A Mercedes is often referred to as a ‘Merc’.  It has typically been considered to be an old man’s car, and to a certain degree that cliché still holds true in today’s line up. Mercedes does make some aggressive sports car for sure, however the overall feel of the interior, still in my opinion, feels a bit ‘old’.  As mentioned before, the S-Class (S stands for Signature Line) does give its driver the option to drive in the up-most of comfort with performance to spare, though I don’t see people who drive these cars doing standing quarter mile or blazing past you often.  These cars are for the more demur individual, the one who is more than happy to let others pass them by as they enjoy the luxurious fit and feel of the inside, while enjoying the drive.

a8 insideAudi: Probably still considered the least likely candidate to be in this line-up, as they are often simply considered to be a re-badged Volkswagen (VW owns Audi Group).  But they could not be further from the truth.  The Audi Super Saloon, the A8, is probably the most ‘sporty’ looking car of the lot.  Its wide stance, intimidating front fascia and over all low slung body makes you feel that this super saloon is all about the super.  The interior of the A8 is also covered in high end materials, however the main difference you’ll find is that it does not feel old, it does not make you feel completely at ease.  It will make you want to drive this thing, throw it in to Sports mode and firm up the suspension and really have some fun.  Which is a considerable difference when compared to the S-Class Mercedes.  However, the A8 does do well when you are not looking to hoon around, its adaptive suspension is more than capable of helping you glide over bumps or float on the highway.  This car would be better suited for perhaps a younger male, someone who is not ready to take the stereotype of the Mercedes but also wants to arrive in style.

bmw7 insideBMW (Bavarian Motor Works): BMW’sBimmers, and their 7-Series (big saloons) I feel offer the driver a nice middle ground between the old feel, and stature of the Mercedes and the Audi.  The 7-series has often been referred to as a techies dream, with more function built in to it than the Lunar Space Module that landed on the moon. The 7-series, like the Audi, is aggressive looking on the outside, but once you are in the car, that aggressive nature is lost and you are surrounded by a clean and simple layout, much like the Mercedes.  The 7-series is suited for the type of person who rather not have to pick sides, be it the ultra mature Mercedes or the still kid at heart Audi A8.

In comparison to renting a Super Car, Super Saloons are more affordable and easier to get your hands on.  Below are some companies offering their super luxuries for your enjoyment pleasure:



Cars Available : Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar

**Note: Prices are available upon contacting the Company**

Affinity Car Rental:


Cars Available: Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes

Per Day Ranges: $120 – $280 CDN

KM / Day : 100km

Cost Per KM : $.35 to $.50

Deposits: $2500 – $5,000 CDN

GTA Exotics:


Cars Available:  Mercedes and BMW

Per Day Ranges: $100 – $180 CDN

KM / Day : 100km

Cost Per KM : $.50

Deposits: $2500 CDN

Hopefully, I have been able to show you the two very different sides of an automotive experience.  You can go for the Super Car or the Super Saloon, but what they both share is the fact that they are distinctly super in their own rights.  Whether you are looking for break neck speed with sports tuned suspension and seats which hug you to keep you in the prefect driving position, or you’re looking for that wolf which slips under the radar and when you are ready, you are more than willing to pounce on your prey.

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