Carbon: The Store That's Bringing Service Back Into Men's Shopping

Carbon: Grand Opening
Carbon: Grand Opening

“Unwavering. Personalized.  Open-Minded.”  Those were the three words that owner, Alex Mazelow declared to sum up his store’s mantra.  There’s something to be said about a store, rather, a men’s store that is solely dedicated to the servicing of its clients.  From delivering alterations to their clients’ doors if they’re unable to pick them up, to the owner having tried on clothing for the female clients shopping for their partners, this “service culture” that was once expected and practiced in the retail environment is nowadays, well…lacking really.  So, herein lies Carbon’s mission.  It’s quite simple really.  Its mission is to ensure that the clients are taken care of (from head to toe), and to create a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Such a simple concept is unfortunately a rarity in Toronto’s retail circuit.  But, with Carbon’s official grand opening that took place Wednesday August 26 2009, that in itself marked a beginning in a new kind of experience in men’s shopping.

Carbon InviteWith the in-store DJ churning out tunes, munching on heavenly hors d’oeuvres, being surrounded by the beautiful revelers and of course, soaking in the tempting pieces that Carbon offers…we were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot that we were partying in a store.  Family, friends and media converged onto the Yonge/Eglinton area to celebrate the grand opening of Toronto’s newest men’s retail concept.  And the attention put in to ensure the revelers were taken care of that night, is a testament to Carbon’s mantra.

Stocking eye catching pieces from Nudie Jeans, Alternative Apparel, Loomstate…among others, Carbon is dedicated in providing Toronto men with superb clothing while at the same time, being eco-friendly.  But it is the fact that Carbon’s owner, Alex Mazelow, is a staunch supporter of Canadian designers and their brands that make this store, the spot for Canadiana.  Mackage and Shared Clothing are just some of the Canadian brands that are proudly displayed in the store.  And not to mention his exclusive collaboration with our city’s very own, Leon Vymenets, to bridge Toronto’s collective art movement with the city’s burgeoning menswear scene (that story is further told in our Home Grown Talent article).  See, that is inspiring as it is, in a sense, patriotic.  Birthing a store that is trying to bring service back into customer service in the menswear retail environment, while at the same time helping to foster home grown brands.  Carbon is a much needed environment in menswear for Toronto, and we congratulate them for bringing back the “total customer service experience.”  We hope that others in our city are inspired by their presence and mantra, so that they too, can provide Toronto with grade A service and most importantly, having a strong commitment to ensure Canadian brands are well represented.

When you do pop into the store, take in their selection and be enchanted by Alex’s personality, you’ll soon realize that this store is, well…something like a phenomena.

2581 Yonge Street
(416) 487-0795

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Shout out to Daniel of Rinzler Photography for the photos.

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  1. I thought most of the people there were just alex’s friends and that harry rosen offers much better bang for the buck.

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