Visvim Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Visvim Fall/Winter 2009
Visvim Fall/Winter 2009

The brand on everybody’s lips at the moment is Japanese label Visvim. A highly respected brand, of which has a remarkable team behind, is rolling out their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection.  With a new movement towards Paris this year, the collection has taken in a slightly different direction. With a more mature approach to their garments and a quality of both design and construction that nobody can fault or go past. Highlights include: Virgil Boots-Folk, the Talbot Oneida in Giza45 cotton, the Academia Stripe 2-button jacket, the Patrician-Folk, and two veggie leather bags including a large-sized Boston and the Homer Tote.

Visvim’s Fall/Winter 2009 Footwear Collection has also started to roll out worldwide and the collection continues to look to various inspirations from nature and global culture.  Three styles have been released thus far including the Maliseet Elk Folk, Foley GY Folk, and the Gabo Hi Elk. The most interesting of the three is of course the Foley GY Folk which features a Goodyear Welt Construction allowing for consumers to exchange worn outsoles for new ones at select Visvim doors.

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visvim-2009-fall-winter-preview-6-576x800 visvim-2009-fall-winter-preview-7-579x800

Maliseet Elk Folk Foley GY Folk (Goodyear Welt construction) Gabo Hi Elk

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about visvim

streetwear-today-hiroki-nakamura-visvimVisvim is a Japanese shoe and clothing line run by creative director Hiroki Nakamura. The goal of the line is to provide high quality shoes and products that conform to both design and environmental standards set by Nakamura.

Each shoe produced by Visvim is approached as a single entity with a fresh slate.  Often, designs are developed through outside influences and things Nakamura has seen.  He often seeks the advice of his wide range of friends, a community of artists, musicians, writers, and designers to create new ideas.

visvim-christo-stripe-frontA good example is the Christo sandal, produced by Visvim as a reactionary product to the architectural works of Christo.  Nakamura was intrigued by the wrappings of monuments and natural formations in Christo’s work, seeing a natural connection with how shoes are designed. The sandal that he produced provided the same basic aesthetic, covering most of the foot with only a small strap revealing parts of the skin beneath.

One of Visvim’s most recognized aspects is the stringent enforcement of quality control standards in every shoe created.  Nakamura ensures each shoes is made with high tech materials and is as durable and long lasting as possible.  In the same vein, the company attempts to use materials that are environmentally friendly.


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