There are certain situations in life that boggles the mind.  A series of events that perplexes you to the point where your head actually hurts from analyzing it.  Then, there are W.T.F. moments.  These are the particular moments that not only puzzles you, but vexes you so much that it deserves a harsh diatribe.  So, every so often we will unleash those “inner thoughts” that we all think, and share them with you as those W.T.F. moments occur.  Let the onslaught begin…

Warning: The following page contains mature subject matter and is suitable for adults only.  If you have a weak constitution or are easily offended by frank language, please do not continue.  Reader discretion is advised.

the better way…

Picture 441Ahh the TTC.  They say it’s the “Better Way”, it would be if only people knew how to properly use the transit system.  I’m talking about them people who walk like they’re strolling the fucking boardwalk on the beach.  Or even better, the couple that decided that they need all that space on the escalators and end up blocking traffic.  What?  Don’t pretend like you can’t hear the cussing and the stiups behind you!

So, I give you my top annoyances while on the TTC.

  • People walking slow.  They call it rush hour for a reason! It’s not “let’s walk like there’s no rush in the world.”  No asshole, we all have a sense of urgency during rush hour.  Or else there wouldn’t be the rush in rush hour.  Easiest thing to do to rectify your annoying speed of pace, mooooove!  Because, be forewarned, I will push you.
  • Idiots who block the escalators.  Stand to the  right and walk on the left! It ain’t algebra.  Stand to the  right and walk on the left.  If you can’t understand this very simple rule, you deserve to be pushed down the stairs.
  • Passengers who take their time while exiting the train.  When you’re getting off the train, exit quick.  Not the “let’s waddle toward the exit and saunter out the train like we’ve got all the time in the world.”  No bitch, you ain’t got all the time in the world and neither do I.  If you ain’t coming out as soon as the doors open, well, sucks to be you ‘cuz I’m making damn sure my ass gets on the train, and whether or not you make it out, well that’s on you.
  • Most vexing annoyance: some pussy hole stepping on my shoes.  You step on my shoes, and I will step on your face.  Plain and simple.

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