Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture 2009

Manifesto 2009
Manifesto 2009

September 16 2009 to September 20 2009

The inspiring non-profit grassroots organization, Manifesto, returns with their 3rd annual, critically acclaimed Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture.  From September 16 2009 to September 20 2009, Toronto will play host to countless performances from some our city’s best, art exhibits, a film festival, workshops, and most importantly, a showcase to the world of our city’s “collective sense of pride and possibility.”  Together, with international legends (Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder etc.) and home grown talents (SKAM, Agile, Tona, Solitair etc.), this festival plays a pivotal role in showcasing Toronto’s achievements in the arts and in the music industry.  But more importantly, it gives the world an opportunity to learn about our culture, and for the world to understand what our communities stand for.  Focusing on Toronto’s urban culture, Manifesto aims to educate the masses on what this culture embodies, and what it represents to our generation as a whole.

We start our coverage of Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture 2009 with the full 5 day itinerary.  Subsequently, we will follow up with the various events and performances that make up this unique and truly Toronto festival…in true FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN style of course!

Toronto, let’s show the world what we’re all made of and more…

wednesday september 16 2009

Manifesto Film Festival – Opening Night:

6pm to 11pm @ Acacia Centre (186 Spadina Ave.) – $5 advance


To kick off the 3rd annual Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture, Acacia Centre, Toronto’s new underground cinema and arts centre, will be unveiled to the public as a double-feature line-up of films: “Bomb It” and “The Freshest Kids” will be showcased.

“BOMB IT is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti. Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writers in action on 5 continents, BOMB IT tells the story of graffiti from its origins in prehistoric cave paintings thru its notorious explosion in New York City during the 70’s and 80’s, then follows the flames as they paint the globe.”

“In the early ’70s, the rough-and-tumble South Bronx gave birth to several distinct but related phenomena which would in time be heard around the world. The Freshest Kids: The History of the B-Boy is a documentary which looks at the pioneers of Bronx hip-hop, featuring interviews with a number of the major players in the original “B-Boy” movement (including Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, and Fab Five Freddy) as well as current rap and hip-hop artists who acknowledge the importance of these musical pioneers.”

Also on hand will be a series of shorts, performances, red carpet, and music from home grown talents: DJ Agile, Boogeymen & Droppin Dimez (Mel Boogie & JJ Rock).


thursday september 17 2009

Canada Pro 2009 Bboy Championship:

9pm to 2am @ The Sound Academy (11 Polson Street) – $15 ticket/$20 at door


“On Sept 17th at Sound Academy the best bboys from across the continent will be coming into Toronto for their chance at the CANADA PRO CUP and the grand prize of $5,000! This event will be the landmark bboy event of the year. Featuring head to head bboy battles with the most explosive crews and also dynamic peformances from local dancers of various styles, this is an event you cannot miss! Canada Pro boasts the hottest international judging lineup Toronto has ever seen. There will be workshops available from jugdes throughout the Manifesto weekend.

Registered Crews:
Supernaturalz – Toronto
Omega Stepz -NY
Dynamic Rockers – NY
Flexible Flave – Sacramento
Ground Illusionz – Toronto
Rude Boi Posse – Toronto
Albino Zebra – London/Toronto
Ill at Will – Windsor
Fresh TO Death – Toronto
Twisted Ankles – Toronto
All Styles Crew – Morroco

Canada Pro Judges:
J Hak – TG BREAKERS – Korea
BZ Broox – Mighty Zulu Kingz – USA, Ohio
Cuso – Mind180 – USA, FLA
Bgirl YAYA – Domestic Apes – USA, NY
Bboy Buckinham – Founder of Flexible Flave – USA SAC

Riccachet – Sweet Touch Foundation
Tom Wrecks – Stylus Crew

Special Performance by:

19+ Unless your competing.”


Toronto Artmap 2009

5:30pm to 8:30pm @ City Hall Rotunda – FREE


“Artmap is a collaborative art piece by artists from each of Toronto’s 44 wards. The work has been commissioned for Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture and will be unveiled on September 17th at 5:30 in the Rotunda at City Hall. City Councillors and participating artists will be in attendance.

Much like a giant puzzle, each artist or arts organization was given a ward shaped piece of an 8×17’ wooden map of Toronto. Artists were then free to paint or rework the map piece to their desire. After being put back together and displayed, the work will be disassembled and given to each corresponding councillor’s office as a reminder of the vibrancy and unity of artists across Toronto.

Participating Artists Include:
Ward 1 – Angel Carrillo
Ward 2 – Shara Mohamed
Ward 3 – Nik Dudukovic
Ward 4 – Austin Clarkson / The Milkweed Collective
Ward 5 – Will Gaydos / Funktion Gallery
Ward 6 – Jim Mckinley
Ward 7 – Network of Community Based Organizations
Ward 8 – Network of Community Based Organizations
Ward 9 – Elle Alconcel, / Sketch, Womynation, Cue Collective
Ward 10 – Angela Ming Yi Schneider
Ward 11 – UrbanArts
Ward 12 – Balu Kanagalingam / Arts for Children and Youth & Rochelle Stephens / Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Weston-Mount Dennis
Ward 13 – Alexa Hatanaka
Ward 14 – Che Kothari / Manifesto Festival
Ward 15 – Katherine Earl, Liz Forsberg, Rosie Mohammed, Andrea Roberts / Artstarts
Ward 16 – Carlos Weisz
Ward 17 – Teresa Aversa
Ward 18 – Javid Alibhai / LOFT Youth Program
Ward 19 – Adam Hilborn
Ward 20 – Marisol D’Andrea / The Martin Prosperity Institute
Ward 21 – Dan Chan
Ward 22 – Maryam Siddiqi
Ward 23 – Tom Decena
Ward 24 – Zanette Singh / Sketch & Womynation
Ward 25 – Andres Musta
Ward 26 – Evergreen Brickworks / Sketch
Ward 27 – Judi Michelle, SunMi Jung, Gordon Becker / The Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC) / Canadian Sculpture Centre
Ward 28 – Adrian Hayles
Ward 29 – Gabrielle Lasporte
Ward 30 – Billie Jo Tabobondung
Ward 31 – Gordon Becker
Ward 32 – Stephen Carroll
Ward 33 – Art Starts Villaways / Yvette Martin
Ward 34 – Lisa Mansfield / Lease
Ward 35 – Andrenne Finnikin / Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY)
Ward 36 – Tim Whalley / Scarborough Arts Council
Ward 37 – Rob Matejka / Mural Routes
Ward 38 – Tara Bursey
Ward 39 – Art Starts Glendower / Paulina O’Kieffe
Ward 40 – Tammy Yiu & Junichi Zacks
Ward 41 – Catherine Hernandez
Ward 42 – Benedict Lopes / Scarbough Ars Council
Ward 43 – Lindsay Bess / Elevated Grounds
Ward 44 – Tharmila Rajasingam

The work is supported by Live with Culture and the Toronto Arts Council and has been produced with assistance from the AGO, Patrick Ellard of Polyteck, Scarborough Arts Council, Lakeshore Arts and UrbanArts.

Project Coordinator: Amy Peebles.”

friday september 18 2009

Chapter III Art Show:

8pm to 2am @ 52 McCaul Street – PWYC (Pay What You Can)


“Sneaking into and funking up the cultural heart of Toronto, Manifesto Festival of Culture and Community has been toiling away in preparation for a three floor exhibition that will literally spill out the door, into the street and on to the walls of 52 McCaul St. The exhibition will include a work residency by Nunca from Brazil (Sept. 18-28.) Hailing from Sao Paulo, Nunca recently headlined the blockbuster ‘Street Art’ at the Tate Modern (London, UK.) Matching top international talent the best Montreal has to offer, Nunca will be joined by the infamous street artist Roadsworth — the subject of a recent NFB documentary (screening at the Drake Hotel, 4:30pm Sept 18th.)

Inside the building, Floor 1 will be the ‘Rise Art Auction for Youthlink,’ presented by Well and Good with 100% of proceeds going to a charity devoted to underserved youth in Toronto. The Rise Auction will wind up on Nuit Blanche. Floor 2, ‘The Studio’ managed/curated by Joshua Brandt of Whippersnapper Gallery will consist of work residencies by several local and national artists who will turn the space into a constantly evolving group work. Devon Ostrom, Visual Arts Director of Manifesto says that, “the value of festivals in the development of Canadian art is that they bring a diversity of artists together to learn from each other, exchange skills and build networks. The idea of floor 2, The Studio is to extend this into a month long process – and one that the public can watch unfold.“

Floor 3, supporting the development of emerging curators; Charlie Irani and Teresa Aversa of Charlie’s Gallery will transform the space with a world of installations created specifically for the show.


Floor 1 – ‘Rise Auction’
Adam Dalgarno, Adrian Hayles, Alan Wood, Alexa Hatanaka, Ben Weeks, Carlos Weisz, Case, Che Kothari, Chor Boogie, Chris Dyer, Claudio Bianchi, Dan Buller, Derrick Hodgson, Edward Maloney, EGR, Elicser, Fathom, Gene Starship, Horus, Indigo, J Derry, Joseph Tisiga, Joshua Barndt, Dixon, Juliana Neufeld, Labrona, Lease, Luna Simic, Mediah, Musa, Nicholas Fox, Nikki Ormerod, Omen, Parishil (Adam Hilborn/Alain Parizeau), Patrick Kerney, Patrick Thompson (Evoke), Paul Aloisi, Phresha, Piotr Adas, Ruth Ann Pearce, Ryan Paterson, Sammy Rawal, Sergio DeVuono, Siloette. Talia Shipman, Tobias Wang, Uber, Water, We Kill You.
Curated by Steve Ferrara and Lisa Martin of Well and Good.

Floor 2 – ‘Studio’
Resident Artists: Ryan Mackeen, Piotr Adas, Felicia Mings, Alexa Hatanaka, Joshua Barndt, Omen, Norman Yeung and special guests. Curated / Managed by Joshua Brandt of Whippersnapper Gallery.

Floor 3 – ‘This is an Art Show’
Gabriel Graham, Che Kothari, Teresa Aversa, Kaitlin Till-Landry, Lizzie Vickery, Charlie Irani and guests. Curated by Teresa Aversa and Charlie Irani of Charlie’s Gallery.

Opening Musicians >>>
Live performances by:
Peter Project + Fresh Kills + DJ IRate + Chris Quotes
DJ Mensa (Prizefighter/The Academy)
Jason Palma (Footprints/Play De Record)
DJ Ariel (VanCity)

Closing Musicians >>>
Live peformances by:
Marinda & Solari
Son of S.O.U.L.
Mixtape Massacre (Seven:30, Linx, Taktiks)
Bang the Party w/ AndyCapp & Rod Skimmins (Gang Of Two)”

saturday september 19 2009

Parkdale Youth Festival:

12pm to 7pm @ Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre (Queen Street West & Cowan Street) – FREE


“The annual Parkdale Youth Festival takes place on Saturday September 19th. It’s a day of eclectic outdoor entertainment to raise awareness for various Parkdale youth service organizations.

New for 2009 is a partnership with both Queen West Arts Crawl and Manifesto. This new three-way partnership will make for a full free day of events and activities within the Parkdale area.

Town Square Stage
Host: Dalton Higgins
DJ’s: Parkdale Funk –

12pm The Remix Project –
Nayo Sasaki-Picou – steel pan performance
Quentin “Q” Vercetty – spoken word performance

1230pm Sketch –
Bones –
Shawnie B
Tribius and Ray Rey, Nadiya

1pm Scotty Dynamo –
130 J-Man –
2pm TheReaLVoyce –
230pm Supreme Being Unit –
3pm Backburner (see notes below) – More Or Les –, Toolshed, Wordburglar –

4pm P.O.S.E. Dance Troupe (Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue) –
430pm Akwaba Cultural Exchange –
African Tradional Dance & Music (drumming) entitled “Spectacular”, providing a forum for cultural activities and interaction through educational programs, workshops and artistic events.

5pm Kae Sun (Acoustic Set) –

530pm Literacy Through Hip Hop ft. Vargas and Beans
Youth from an innovative literacy program for children in grade six to eight present a stage production with dancers and performances. The program uses the popular youth culture of hip hop, specifically hip hop music, as a means to engage children about their reading and writing.

6pm Plex –
630pm 9th Uno –
7pm D-Sisive –
**Schedule and times subject to change
Library Stage

1pm Heyy (10 Min) performance piece of skits, music and interaction by outreach workers

2pm Pia Boumann School for Ballet – “River” Choreography by: Julia Aplin 8 minutes
“Pocketful of Money” Choreography by: Kate Franklin 5 minutes

3pm CTP Shakespeare Sampler – (15 Min)
Traditional Shakespeare performed by youth featuring clips from various productions, such as Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and Twelfth Night

4pm Heyy (10 Min) performance piece of skits, music and interaction by outreach workers

5pm Pia Boumann School for Ballet – “River” Choreography by: Julia Aplin 8 minutes
“Pocketful of Money” Choreography by: Kate Franklin 5 minutes

6pm CTP Shakespeare Sampler – (15 Min)
Traditional Shakespeare performed by youth featuring clips from various productions, such as Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and Twelfth Night

Workshops (Throughout The Day)

Jewelry Making –
Poster Making –
Salsa –
Yoga –
Flower Making

Interactive All Day Fun

Smart Sckool Kidzone – Presented by Smart Sckool –
Youth Art Zone – Presented by St. Christopher’s House –

**Schedule and times subject to change”

106 & York Urban Arts Festival:

6pm to 10pm @ Toronto Centre for the Arts (5040 Yonge Street- Recital Hall) – $10 ticket


“Rated Inc. Highclass and Manifesto Presents: 106 & York, a multi-disciplinary urban arts festival that will showcase some of Toronto’s finest young talent in music, fashion, dance and spoken word, etc. The event will include performances by emerging artists and headliners, including Rated X, one of Toronto’s top dance crews as well as Kim Davis, the Kid Famous, Rich Kidd, Redway. Don’t forget Red Carpet Affair-dress to impress, Free Give Aways & Roc the Runway Fashion Show.

This event is to help promote upcoming local artists in a positive light. Rated Inc. is hosting this event with a number of community partners and sponsors who want to promote artists to get youth off the streets and onto the stage.


2nd Annual 106 & York Urban Arts Festival
Saturday, September 19th, 2009
->North York Arts Centre (5040 Yonge St., just North of Sheppard)
-> Red Carpet Affair-Dress 2 Impress!

Hosted by:
Brooklyn & Bullet
and Special Guest Host!

Music Selected by:
->Fire Kid Steenie

Support you local and headlinin’ celebz:
Kim Davis
The Kid Famous
Rated X
Rich Kidd
Daniel Daley
Press Play

Touchless, Swag City, Krymez, Priceless, Wolf J, T Ana Cole, Vertigo, Verse-a-tyle, A.B.S., Public Enemy, Style Wize and many more (beat boxers, spoken word, dance, r n’ b, mc’s).
**the show is RATED PG/Children are welcome**

NICE Clothing, Royalz Wear, Big it Up, Mad Face Apparel, CC, Krystal Miller & Sirens”

The Official Manifesto Saturday Night Party – Hip Hop Love with 9th Wonder:

8pm to 2am @ Premium Rhythm Bar (173 Eglinton Avenue East) – $20 ticket


“Real Good + Manifesto team up to present legendary super-producer 9th Wonder for Manifesto’s Official Saturday Night Party.

As part of the 4 days of incredible events across the city – 9th Wonder & True School will rock center stage at Hip Hop Love, inside new hot spot Premium Rhythm Bar.

True School Corp/Jamla/Academy (North Carolina)

True School Corp (Baltimore, Dallas)

RealGood (Toronto)

Sole Purpose (Toronto)

Doors 10pm | 19+ event
Booth/bottle reservation:”

sunday september 20 2009

The Main Event:

12pm to 10pm @ Nathan Phillips Square – FREE


“A FREE family-friendly day of arts and music at Nathan Phillips Square that escalates into an epic outdoor concert, this year featuring a rare free performance by headliners and hip hop royalty Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek as REFLECTION ETERNAL! The day’s events also include the “Freshest Goods” market where young designers and collectives sell merchandise and gain exposure; “Know Your Craft” workshops including capoeira, hand drumming, breakdancing, DJing, and a variety of artforms; a 70-foot mural painted live throughout the day by Toronto’s cream of the crop, and an open collaborative mural and community dance floor.




























With dance performances by:


Host DJs:




Hosted by:
REAL FREQUENCY (Arcee / Musiklee Inzane)




The Freshest Goods Market

Know Your Craft Workshops

Community Dance Floor

Open Canvas Project

70 ft Graffiti Wall jam featuring Case, EGR, Ronie, Art Child, Omen, Peru, Uber and special guests.”


The Official Manifesto After-Party:

10pm to 3am @ Mod Club & Revival (722 College Street & 783 College Street) – $20 advance ticket


“Increasingly ridiculous for 2 years running, the Manifesto afterparty is one of the biggest events of the year. We’re doing our best to top the mayhem of the ’07 and ’08 jams, which is a tall order.. So we’re throwing a dual venue banger at Mod Club and Revival simultaneously.

That’s right people – One wristband gets you access to both of what promise to be truly legendary celebrations of another festival in the bag for the city of Toronto. Do not miss this. Boom.

at MOD CLUB + + + + +

Starting From Scratch
The Footprints DJs
Son Of S.O.U.L.

Performance by
Notes To Self

Hosted by
Sol Guy (4REAL)

at REVIVAL + + + + +

Scratch Bastid
DJ Mercilless
Rich Kidd & Friends

Hosted by: Saukrates + special guest

$20 advance tickets


via Manifesto

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