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Wolf J, Drake, Kardinal Offishall
Wolf J, Drake, Kardinal Offishall

“Wolf J McFarlane is part of a new wave of artistes who focus on developing themselves in all disciplines of art.  A graphic designer, videographer and most importantly a singer/songwriter, Wolf is a mixture of Hip Hop and alternative pop, and his writing is a focus on matters of the heart conceptualized through otherworldly imagery and metaphors.  It’s not enough to hear the man at work, but it’s crucial to see the paired videos that give the listener a chance to venture into where the magic is channeled as well as the art that is born from or at times inspires the music that is created.  Whether in tandem, or individually expresses, the art of Wolf J always has a storyline, supported by funkiness and strong sense of humour and with…”

n506269121_784721_6185Unleashing his first solo mixtape September 4 2009, we were at wit’s end at how best to feature this incredibly (multi) talented home grown talent.  We had originally decided to feature him in our home grown talent article, yet it just didn’t seem proper when the music is so unique, that it should be featured on its own.  So, we give you a true home grown treasure for all to enjoy.  Part of a new collective of Toronto artists we at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN like to dub, “the new class of Toronto‘s sound” (KJ, Leilani, Brendan Phillips, Blake Carrington, and crew), UpSideDownDay TapeMix is exactly what it reads.  It is a clash of curious sounds, blended with Wolf J’s distinct lyrics.  What’s so special about this mixtape is that it is not your typical “urban/hip hop/pop” record.  Far from it.  It is on a completely different planet, not even remotely in our galaxy.  Wolf J takes us on a peculiar journey to his mind and guides us through his thoughts.  From the Intro (which by the way is him singing in the background) to Oof Soul, it is a mixture of his hypothosis’, dreams and emotions laced with intricate wording and conviction in his voice.  And just when you think you got him all figured out, he throws a curve ball with tracks like Cufflink Tears and Deja View, where the latter is a neo-soul/slow jam/R&B-esque track that is reminiscent of D’Angelo and the former is a rock/alternative tune that, in all honesty, even threw us off guard.  Toronto, this is Wolf J…

UpSideDownDay TapeMix

Download UpSideDownDay TapeMix:

Toronto’s very own Drake is set to release his highly-acclaimed (and rightfully so) mixtape, So Far Gone as an album on September 15 2009.  One of the new tracks off of this album is Fear.  The result is a track that Drake proclaims as “venting”.  Guiding us through his inner turmoils and battling others’ perceptions of him, Drake once again provides us with an honest look into his life and a taste of what his journey to where he is now has been like.  A fitting track for So Far Gone, it flows with the album’s story and delves deeper into the mind that is Drake.


Download Fear:

via 1 Love T.O.



“Wow. What a great moment for the city. Kardi SMASHES the 13th Annual Toronto Urban Music Festival with the help of Jully Black, Saukrates, Glenn Lewis, Melanie Fiona, Solitair, DJ D.O.C. and Lindo P (clip above). The Lindo battle into BURNT (from Not 4 Sale) was probably the hypest part for me but the show was full of classic moments. Kardinal proves once again why he’s the best and reps the city like no one else!”

One of our city’s ambassador to the world, Kardinal proves why Toronto deserves the title of a city that breeds talent and oozes creativity.  Bringing out Toronto’s musical royalty (Jully Black, Saukrates, Solitair, Melanie Fiona…among others), this was an education for some about our city’s past and future, while for others, it was a walk down memory lane.

“Kardinal rock the pary, T dot drinking Bacardi;
Kardi drinkin Bacardi, T dot rocking the party…;

And everybody know its ‘the T dot…”

More video clips available on City On My Back and Strizzzy Cam.

via City On My Back

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