TIFF: Free Screenings September 15 2009

TIFF 2009
TIFF 2009

Continuing on with our coverage of the free screenings during the 34th annual Toronto International Film Festival 2009, we present you the schedule for the free screenings taking place at Yonge-Dundas Square for Tuesday September 15 2009.  Although there are many premieres and film events happening as well on the same day, there’s nothing better than to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the city while taking in a visual masterpiece in the heart of Toronto…

september 15 2009


Monterey Pop by D.A. Pennebaker

“A documentary of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, focusing on the audience as well as performances by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Who.”


Robin Hood by Allan Dwan

“Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood is one of the silent era’s best adventure films, a grandly staged epic that represents the height of production values for films of the early 1920s. Although by no means the first film version of the Robin Hood legends, it crystallized for 20th century audiences the popular elements of the Robin Hood stories. The film is a pure star vehicle for Douglas Fairbanks, who also had a direct hand in writing and producing it. He is showcased to great effect in some of the finest stunts and action sequences of the silent era. As with the later Errol Flynn version of the same story, the heroes are very heroic and there is no moral ambiguity. The sets are of particular note. The castle alone was more expensive to build than many films of the early 1920s cost to produce.”


Hipsters: Showcase – Swing Dance Lessons/Swing Band

A vibrant musical might not be what you’d expect from contemporary Russian cinema, but Valery Todorovsky’s Hipsters is an Iron Curtain version of Swing Kids meets Hairspray, bursting with razzle, dazzle and, of course, rhythm.

Christened with a name that stands for Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin, Communist youth Mels (Anton Shagin) is obviously primed to rebel. When he first lays eyes on Polly (Oksana Akinshina) in drab fifties Moscow, her bright-red lipstick, poodle skirt and flamboyant hipster friends shatter his dutiful, straight-laced outlook. Mels finds himself drawn into Polly’s kaleidoscopic world, a fun-house-mirror version of the West where flashy candy-coloured outfits, jazz music and nights spent swing dancing in smoky, swanky clubs are a form of resistance against the oppressiveness of Soviet society. Soon, Mels is buying a saxophone on the black market and letting his hair grow into a proud pompadour, risking the loss of his Communist party membership and his friendship with the stern yet beautiful Katya (Evgeniya Brik). Inevitably, Polly and Mels’s glamorous lifestyle is threatened as members of the scene start growing up, abandoning their wild ways and even (gasp!) discovering that jazz is falling out of fashion in America.

Hipsters is a lush rebel-with-a-cause musical chock full of intricately choreographed, toe-tapping numbers and plenty of none-too-subtle social commentary. The plot takes many unexpected twists and turns as it celebrates the uneasy Cold War romance between East and West. Resplendent costumes and sets clash with the grey, rain-slicked streets of Moscow, offering a glittering indictment of Soviet values. A hit in its homeland, Hipsters danced away with the prize for best film at the Russian Nika Awards. Director Todorovsky splashes the screen with vivid colour and energy in a giddy and broad ode to the timeless themes of love and freedom.

Hipsters Spotlight: Swing-dance lessons and a live concert by Aelita with the Galaxy All-Star Orchestra in honour of this Russian musical.”


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