How To Wear A Scarf


As we mentioned in our previous post, identifying the right scarf for any given occasion is crucial in maintaining that overall look you have worked so hard to get.  If you are wearing a tuxedo, you know you don’t want to wear an oversized knit scarf, rather, I would recommend the Canali scarf we featured in our “The Scarf” post because the texture and feel of the scarf is a perfect compliment to that of a tuxedo.

Now here we are taking men’s dressing to yet another level.  Scarves come with their own set of rules.  These rules are there to help men realize that there are always options and a way to personalize your look, even with the most simple of accessory. From the European, Caravat, Muffler, Collar, Under Collar, and Neck Wrap, in this post, we look to show that there are indeed many ways one can wear a scarf.


The European

This is a classic look for men and even better, it’s quick and easy.

1. Fold the scarf in half and hold it so you have the two loose ends in your right hand and the fold in your left hand.
2. Raise it over your head and center it against the back of your neck.
3. Take the loose ends and feed them through the loop that was created by the fold.
4. Pull the loose ends to cinch the loop up towards your neck.

The Casual Cravat

A classic look for men typically seen with a silk scarf – it works with linen in the summer and as in the picture it’s a great look with a simple wool muffler.

1. Place the scarf around your neck so the two ends fall to the front and pull the right side so that it is a little longer.
2. Cross the longer length over the shorter length and then wrap it behind the shorter length so again the short length is on your left and the long length on your right.
3. Cross the longer length again over the shorter length, and this time wrap the longer length underneath and up through the loop you’ve created around your neck and fold the length down over the ‘knot’.
4. If needed, pull on the short bottom length of scarf so that the knot rolls back and downward to hide the knot and create a fuller top. Also, straighten out the top so that it sits nice and full.
5.For a formal look, use a cravat or tie pin in the top center.

The Muffler

A classic look for men.

1. Place the scarf around your neck so the two ends fall to the front.
2. Pull one end so it is about 1 foot below the other end.
3. Wrap the long end around your neck till it hangs forward again.
4. If the scarf is long enough, tie the two ends in a knot.

The Collar

Ok, guys. This one you can do.

1. Drape the scarf around your neck.
2. Tuck it inside your jacket.
3. Take a look in the mirror and make sure it’s showing evenly inside your coat collar.

Under The Collar

A classic look for men typically seen with a silk scarf. But it works with linen in the summer and as in the picture it works perfectly with a wool muffler.

1. Fold up the collar on your jacket or coat.
2. Place the scarf around the collar so the two ends fall to the front evenly.

Neck Wrap

Using an oversized bandana or Keffiyeh as the focus of your outfit.

1. Fold a bandana or square scarf in half to form a triangle.
2. Place the long edge along your neck with the triangle pointing downward.
3. Wrap the ends around your neck then knot in front, under the triangle.

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