How To Tie An Ascot

"Blvck Dvlmvtion" - Yancy S. of

Conveying a sense of confidence and opulence, the ascot evokes images of old Hollywood and a royal day at the races.  This hybrid of a tie and scarf descended from the earlier type of cravat widespread in the early nineteenth century, most notably during the age of Beau Brummell, made of heavily starched linen and elaborately tied around the neck.  Usually reserved for the upper-middle class men in Europe, it wasn’t until the early decades of the twentieth century that it was worn as casual wear, often as sports wear such as when playing golf.  It was the Duke of Windsor that often wore one in this manner.  It has, and still remains an elegant form of casual dress for the dandiest of men.

Over the past decade, it seems as though most men have forgotten about this refined look.  And while some may say that it is reserved for the bygone era of yesterday, there appears to be a renaissance of sorts among the new generation.  Blasé with the shirt and tie combo, the resolute man masterfully expresses his audaciousness through the wearing of his ascot.  Simple, cultured, yet commanding.

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Step 1:

Start with the right end extending 6” below the left end.

Step 2:

Cross the right end “over” left end and back underneath.

Step 3:

Continue around, passing right end across front of left and one more.

Step 4:

Pass right end up through loop at neck.

Step 5:

Bring right end down “over” left end.

Step 6:

Adjust bib at throat to cover the knot. Tuck ascot points under shirt front leaving neck open.



  • Wool or Cashmere ascots are better if you are wearing a heavier suit.  If you are wearing a lighter-weight shirt, you should go for a silk or cotton ascot.
  • A contrasting ascot always looks best.
  • The ascot can be either tucked into the shirt or left hanging on top.

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