Boxers Vs. Briefs

Boxers Vs. Briefs

The age old battle between boxers and briefs is as timeless as the invention itself.  And to complicate the situation, we now have the ever famous boxer-briefs.  Granted that the choice all boils down to personal preference and comfort, but we beg the questions: is there one better than the other?  Is there an underwear ‘code’, a secret society if you may that has outlined what underwear can be worn by whom?  Or does it boil down to what women like?  We are here to set the record straight and in the process hopefully dispel some overarching myths surrounding this war of who’s the bigger man (no pun intended) .

The myths:

“Women prefer men in boxers.”

Men may love the idea of women banishing the bra – but women creed is intelligent enough to not consider it a reason enough for the bounce. Hope you got the hint!

“Boxers are sexier.”

May be, if it helps you camouflage your flab.  Briefs are what many models prefer to strut their stuff.

“Potent power.”

Counting on your boxers for a better sperm count?  Countless studies done around the world have  shown that underwear type does not affect semen quality or scrotal temperature, and in turn your your ability to get someone pregnant (i.e. your fertility).

“Uncomfortable comfort.”

Granted nothing beats the looseness of a boxer, which is possibly why many men choose. But, nothing is more unappealing that having your boxers ride up or be sitting over you belly button when you wear fitted pants. Add insult

to injury no girl or guy for that matter wants to see your boxers jumping out of your jeans while you walk down the street. You can’t tell us that is comfortable, can you?!

“Boxers and health concerns.”

Not only do

boxers increase the chances of physical injury, lack of support down under is also linked to hernia.

“Briefs good for any occasion?!”

Lets be honest, granted models wear them but then again they don’t spend the entire day in them. When work for long periods of time wearing tight briefs can lead to moisture, warmth and friction between skin folds. Can we say jock itch?! Guess we just did.

Can you have the best of both worlds?

If you desire more room to breathe without sacrificing scrotal support, the answer is boxer briefs.  Shaped like briefs around the pelvis with legs like boxers, these are just firm enough to provide support without strangulation. Also, without giving up on the sex appeal of your bright, colourful boxers, you can wear briefs/boxer briefs underneath for the support.



  1. Comes in a wide array of colors and patterns (sponge bob, batman, spiderman and the all famous Joe Boxer smiley face).
  2. Comes in different materials (silk, cotton)
  3. Easy access. Front fly is much easier to use.
  4. Crotch temperature stays cooler.
  5. Considered socially acceptable loungewear
  6. Can camouflage a man’s physique.


  1. When wearer becomes excited…, it shows.
  2. Not constricting, loose fitting.
  3. Provides almost no support.
  4. Bunches up when worn inside pants, constantly having to adjust.
  5. Thick waistband can cause irritation.
  6. Their looseness can cause them to ride up above the waist



  1. Prevents “dangling”.
  2. Won’t bunch up period regardless of the type of pant you wear.
  3. Provides support.
  4. Stays in place – no riding up.
  5. Looks best on a guy in great shape
  6. Accentuate your package.


  1. Overlapping fly is almost impossible to use.
  2. Generally not acceptable lying-around-the-house wear, unless you are Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
  3. When the elastic band deteriorates, the whole brief looks tacky.
  4. Comes in limited fabrics.
  5. Can become out of shape and “bag” in all the wrong places.