Holiday Giveaway: Day 2

Dear Readers,

I would like to start by saying ‘Thank You’! Thank You, for having supported me and my blog for over 2 years. Without your support and constants words of encouragement I don’t think I would have made it this far. Now I know  that during the holidays the number one thing bloggers and retailers alike try to sell is this whole notion of “gift guides”, I know this because not too long ago I was trying to orchestrate one of my own. That’s when it hit me. While the world is telling you what you should buy someone else I figured I’d flip the script, which is why starting TODAY I will be giving away a ton of  FREE SWAG till Christmas. Think of this as my way of saying thank you for standing behind the Freshly.Educated.Men brand and me.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Sincerest regards,

Sharad (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

How do you get your hands on all of this amazing swag?

Twitter: Follow frshlyedumen then tweet “Hey @frshlyedumen I want to win the Insert image name Gift! #holiday #giveaway”

Facebook: Give us a “like” and write on our wall “Hey Freshly.Educated.Men I want to win the Insert image name Gift! #holiday #giveaway”

**NOTE: Freshly.Educated.Men is a Toronto centric blog and as such to be eligible to win you must be a resident of Toronto.


Approximate Value: $55 

Today we are mixing it up a bit. This one is for my dandy men, when was the last time you thought about your shoelaces? It was probably when you first learned to tie them. As the people at Stolen Riches would say “think about them again and show your shoes some love” and to set you on your way we are giving away 2 pairs of these exclusive items. But that’s not all! We are also adding to the mix a wonderful $25 gift card to the leading menswear boutique in Toronto, the one and only Gotstyle. Click here to learn more about Stolen Riches & Gotstyle.


Approximate Value: $45

Welcome to the wonderful world of manscaping. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you’re a girl especially when you’re in a salon fitted with flat screen tvs and a ps3. Welcome Mankindgrooming where men get to feel like men. And in an effort to help you look your best this holiday season we are giving away a gift card to Mankindgrooming that entitles you the amazing “Alpha Male” package. Click here to learn more

Total Gift Certificate Value: $50

Lavish & Squalor is by far one of my favourite fashion boutiques in Toronto. No matter what type of guy you are, I can almost guarantee that you will find something you love in this store. We are so confident that we are giving away two $25 gift cards to the shop. So, either you can share with a friend or combine the two and treat your self to a well deserved holiday present. To learn more about what they carry click here.


Approximate Value: $170

What better gift to end the day that an a stuffed stocking from the good people at Gotstyle. In this stocking we are giving away 2 pairs of Happy Socks, a pocket square from Haight & Ashbury and lastly a gorgeous leather card holder from Gotstyle. Add these finishing touches to your wardrobe this holiday season and graduate from a mere boy to an ever evolving man.