Holiday Giveaway: Day 5 (Final Day)

Dear Readers,
I would like to start by saying ‘Thank You’! Thank You, for having supported me and my blog for over 2 years. Without your support and constants words of encouragement I don’t think I would have made it this far. Now I know  that during the holidays the number one thing bloggers and retailers alike try to sell is this whole notion of “gift guides”, I know this because not too long ago I was trying to orchestrate one of my own. That’s when it hit me. While the world is telling you what you should buy someone else I figured I’d flip the script, which is why starting TODAY I will be giving away a ton of  FREE SWAG till Christmas. Think of this as my way of saying thank you for standing behind the Freshly.Educated.Men brand and me.
Happy Holidays everyone!!
Sincerest regards,
(Founder & Editor-in-Chief)
How do you get your hands on all of this amazing swag?
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**NOTE: Freshly.Educated.Men is a Toronto centric blog and as such to be eligible to win you must be a resident of Toronto.


Approximate Value: $195

We are down to our final gift! Keeping in theme with the Buckler Friday, we are giving away this exclusive mitten scarf, yup you read correctly. This piece is not only a scarf but it also has a build in mitten to keep you wonderfully warm is winter. As usually we are also throwing in a box of Sexy Bastard socks and a 1-month subscription to Rdio. Enjoy!!



Approximate Value: $135

Gift item #4 and this time we have a classic Buckler braided wax coated belt along with a pack of Sexy Bastard socks and a 1 month subscription to Rdio the ground-breaking digital music service that is reinventing the way people discover, listen to, and share music.


Approximate Value: $125

Today is all about gifts from Buckler and Rdio. Enter for a chance to win a embossed Buckler T-shirt, the ever cheeky Sexy Bastard socks and a 1-month subscription to Rdio.


Approximate Value: $115

Today is all about gifts from Buckler and Rdio. As such we have swapped out the genuine leather sleeve holders for this gorgeous cashmere/cotton blend tie. You still get the ever cheeky Sexy Bastard socks and a 1-month subscription to Rdio.


Approximate Value: $110

If you love Buckler as much as we do you are going to love todays giveaways. To start off, we are continuing with the 1 month subscription to Rdio. Couple that with a pair of argyle Sexy Bastard socks and genuine leather “sleeve holders”. For those of you wondering what sleeve holder are, they are what people in the 60’s used to keep the sleeves of their shirts from rolling down. Much like having a tie or money clip having a sleeve holder in your arsenal only epitomizes your place as a true gentleman.