Home-Grown Talent: Al Runt

Al Runt, the man behind the two consecutive murals at Lee’s Palace (including the current one), nominated best Toronto street artist by NOW magazine five times, designer of the first hand made intro for Rap City when it first premiered…these are just a few of the phrases used to identify this incredible  artist. Active in the city of Toronto since 1984, Al Runt is still full of energy, passion and anxious to spread his little monsters on bare walls, a van..or anything really.

While working on a mural for the offices of Playground Inc. and Biz Media a while back, we had a chance to sit down with Al and learn more about him, his work, inspiration and future projects.

YouTube Preview Image

For a closer look at the action, here is a time lapse video compiled by Biz Media, demonstrating the entire mural process.

To contact Al Runt, please do so via email at runtster2001@yahoo.com.