Modern Man Expo – Launches In Canada [Worlds Largest Men’s Consumer Show]

It has finally arrived! A consumer show that brings everything you like under one roof. Modern Man Expo is set to become the world’s largest men’s consumer show and quite possibly an industry precedent. The expo will feature a curated collection of leading consumer brands from all industries such as, but not limited to fashion, lifestyle, technology, auto, entertainment, health & fitness. Think of it as a glorified ManCave! After their official site launch last week, the social sphere is already buzzing with anticipation, I know we definitely are. There is no doubt that this is an unparalleled endeavor one that will take the collective effort of brands and consumers alike but the sheer possibility of something so grand taking root in our backyard is cause for celebration. 2013 is going to be an epic year for menswear and men’s lifestyle in Canada and suffice it to say Modern Man Expo could be its’ crowning glory.

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Modern Man Expo

Modern Man Expo


“Celebrate Innovation and Sophisticated Design”

Toronto, Ontario has been awarded the host city of Modern Man Expo in 2013. This three-day international event will bring together over 30,000 people from around the world. “Having Modern Man Expo choose Toronto for its inaugural show is both exciting and fitting. Where better to have an event that celebrates innovation and sophisticated design than a city that’s bursting with creativity and growth, like Toronto?” – David Whitaker, President and CEO of Tourism Toronto.


“Finally, a world-class men’s consumer show”

Finally, a world-class men’s consumer show and all that it encompasses – including the latest and greatest in technology. I’m very excited to be part of the very first Modern Man Expo launching in Canada. I’ll discuss and show the hottest technologies available at the end of next year and a glimpse into where we’re going next. In November 2013, we’ll witness many new and exciting consumer technologies in the market – Marc Saltzman, CTV/CP24 Tech Expert