Canadian Wins Hennessy Talent Quest

“I don’t try to tell music what to do. As a child, music was all about freedom. I listened to what music told me to do. As an adult, my music is a direct response to all the questions music has asked me in the past.”

These are the words and musical philosophy of Toronto-based artist ColinResponse who has won this year’s Hennessy Talent Quest with his soulful voice and his strong faith. His decision to enter the contest was made on a whim, but once made his strong faith brought in strong support from fans and fellow musicians.

“For me, being named the Talent Quest winner represents the reward to having faith,” he says, with an exhale. “From the day I started, I heard over and over that this was not exactly the most realistic choice of career. But someone out there is doing it—why not me? Someone is doing it—which means it can be done.”

The pop/soul artist, who has shared the stage with renowned Canadian artists such as Lights, Kardinal Offishall and Mariana’s Trench; will perform at the 2013 Blues Passions festival in the picturesque town of Cognac, France following a global competition by Hennessy, the number one selling Cognac in the world.

Watch his video that won him enough votes to win this once in a lifetime opportunity:

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