The Balloon Venus from Dom Pérignon & Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons designs Balloons Venus sculpture for Dom Pérignon Rose champagne

Contemporary artistry and traditional legacy have surfaced in spectacular fashion with the Dom Pérignon – Jeff Koons  Collaboration. Jeff Koons has masterfully crafted the Balloon Venus, an intricate and sensual sculpture, to house the timeless Rosé Vintage 2003. The synthesis of traditions in beauty, elegance, and creativity. The beautiful sculpture is large enough to act as a statement piece worthy of the gallery, while not overshadowing it’s solitary resident, the timeless Rosé.

Koons was able to match his power as a contemporary artist to the principles of Dom Pérignon, understanding the bottle and it’s creative significance in only a way Koons could “The 2003 vintage represents the continuation of life energy”. Both the bottle and the sculpture are original creations and form this unique and limited collaboration. If the collaboration suits your distinguished taste, make sure to check out the site and order one of the made to order sculptures, the piece and artist are as timeless as the bottle and brand inside.

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