Walk-In Closet Men’s Edition With Jahmal Padmore, Daniel Eckler & Bryan Brock

walk_in_closet_mens_edition_mainShe’s back and this time she’s doing it for the men! Shout out to my girls Ms. Natasha Singh as she brings us yet another edition of her famous Walk-In Closet this weekend July 19-20 at A Homerun (165 Augusta Ave, Toronto aka Kensington Market). This edition of the WIC features 3 outstanding individuals from Toronto who have a wide range of fashionable looks that will suit the likes of men and women.  

About WIC:

Walk-in Closet: A pop-up shop that celebrates life through clothing and accessories. We help a fashion-forward individuals find new homes for their once treasured pieces. WIC brings together socially conscious consumers interested in local, thrift, vintage and one-of-a-kind goods.

Based on the philosophy of sustainability and mantra of: recycle, reuse and reinventing. Walk-in-Closet transforms the wardrobe cleansing process into a memorable personal, unique and conscious shopping experience. We believe in giving back all remaining clothes, shoes and accessories are donated to a local women’s or men’s shelter for those in need.

For sneak peeks check out @walkin_closet on Instagram!

For more info visit: singhnature.com


Jahmal Padmore- record producer and host of “The Margin” on Vice.com.


Daniel Eckler- Toronto-Based entrepreneur, creative director and author.


Bryan Brock- Creative Director and co-founder of 1 LOVE T.O., Dean of the Creative Arts Academy for The Remix Project, and Prof at Humber College.