[Contest-Closed] Enter For A Chance To Win The Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear Fit


Another day and another great contest! With the help from our friends at Samsung Canada we’re giving you the chance to win the amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Contest start Tuesday July 29th and ends Monday August 4th. Here’s how you enter.

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How To Enter


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1) Tell us your favourite feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit in the comments below.

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The Galaxy S5 features a sleek new curved design, metallic frame and stunning 5.1” screen. Key features that deliver the ultimate smartphone experience include:

  • S health 3.0, perfect for the active dad
  • IP67 (dust and water resistant)
  • 16MP camera that features HDR, Selective Focus, and virtual Tour Shot, great for snapping photos on the next family vacation.
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode (allows users 24 hours of battery life with only 10% of a battery charge)


The Gear Fit features:

  • Connected Notification- Samsung Gear Fit equips you with instant notifications of emails, SMS, incoming calls & 3rd party apps to keep you connected
  • Heart-Rate Montiro – personalized Fitness Manager- Samsung Gear Fit provides personalized real time information on the progress and results of your workouts by deploying the device’s optical heart rate sensor.
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resitant- Always-on activity tracking of Samsung Gear Fit keeps track of your activities throughout the day and is prepared for any adventure with its dust and water resistant protection.

  • Uday

    The two features that are the most amazing have got to be the extended battery life for a phone as big as the S5 and the seamless integration with the Samsung Gear line up

  • aj

    16mp camera

  • Arjun Rudra

    Favorite feature in the Galaxy S5 is the Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • The great 16MP camera!

  • Christian

    SHealth on the Galaxy S5, combined with the awesome fitness apps available for the Galaxy Gear Fit, are my favorite features on these 2 great pieces of technology by Samsung.

  • Corey Kelly

    have to say its the great camera and the size of the screen!

  • Thomas K

    The battery life and camera are both amazing on this phone. SO much better than what I have now. I get panicked when I have to be aware from an outlet for more than 2 hours.

  • Anne Cayer

    Ooh sleep tracker! I might make the poor Gear Fit cry, but I’d love to know more about how (terribly) I’m sleeping.

  • My favorite feature about this phone is that its a phone, which my fiance doesn’t have, and needs! Not having a phone in 2014 is like being an outlander.

  • MMaw

    I’m a big fan of the fact that the screen is intact – much unlike my current phone. Also, I think I’d like to be able to read my email while looking at my watch because chicken wings.

  • Maggie C

    Definitely the “16MP camera that features HDR”. I love taking awesome photographs!

  • BlessedTA

    Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • Fiona Mullins

    I love the 16th camera and S Health!

  • Vivian S

    My favourite feature is the 16MP camera!

  • Krista Embertson

    The battery life and camera are both amazing on this phone –

  • Favorite feature, IP67(dust and water resistant) for my adventures out and about. 16MP camera is great for photos.

  • Jasmine

    Water resistance because I can be accident prone!

  • Debbie Bashford

    The 16 MP camera and with the Gear Fit equips the instant notifications of emails, SMS, incoming calls & 3rd party apps

  • You had me at water resistant.

  • Francesco M.

    My favorite feature of the GS5 is water resistance and for the Gear FIt its the Heart-Rate Monitor!!

  • Harvinderks

    My favourite feature is the 16MP camera!

  • Francine

    I love the ultra power saving mode!

  • Brenda Penton

    My favourite feature is the S health 3.0

  • Suzie M

    I like the Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • Stephanie Lau

    I love the ultra battery saving feature. I have experienced many scenarios when battery levels were low or completely drained.

  • Josh S
  • Eldon L

    I love the Ultra Power Saving Mode!

  • Maggie K.

    I like the power saving mode on the Galaxy phone and that the Gear Fit is water and dust resistant.

  • paul v

    my favorite is The 16MP camera!

  • Tracey

    Fav features are Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode and Gear Fit’s Connected Notification

  • Rebby

    LOVE the 16 MP camera!

  • Shelley N

    My favourite feature of the Galaxy S5 is the Ultra Power Saving Mode and I love the Heart Rate Monitor on the Gear Fit. My husband is a runner so he would love this prize.

  • Jonathan Baker

    I really like the ultra-power saving mode – great when you don’t have access to a charger all day!

  • Tricia Cooper

    My favourite feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is the extended battery life and on the Gear Fit I like that it offers dust and water resistant protection.

  • The camera is what I’m excited for

  • Gear Fit – Connected Notification- Samsung Gear Fit equips you with instant notifications of emails, SMS, incoming calls & 3rd party apps to keep you connected

    S5 – S health 3.0, perfect for the active dad (which is me as I’m an active dad of an 8 yr old!)

  • laurel k

    the size of the screen! is exciting to me

  • saminder gumer

    i like that it is water resistant

  • Andrea Amy

    https://twitter.com/mommy2fiveboys/status/494699453321080835 tweeted
    liked on FB and followed on twitter (mommy2fiveboys)

    As a long term iPhone user, I would have to say the feature I am loving the most about the samsung would be the extended life battery! Right now, I have to charge my phone several times a day, and if I am going out for longer than 2 or 3 hours I need to make sure I have a portable battery pack with me just in case lol. Thanks for the chance 😀

  • Tracy

    Heart-Rate Montiro

  • Shelley N

    the metallic colours on the Galaxy S5 are so nice!

  • Jen C AKA @JusticeSadie

    The 16 MP Camera is awesome!

  • Isaac C

    S5 – metallic frame
    Gear fit – personalized Fitness Manager

  • Karla Sceviour

    I love the 16MP camera feature! Facebook(Karla Sceviour) and tweeted as well (@ksceviour) Thanks for the chance!

  • Lee-Ann

    Love the Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • Julie F

    Ultra Power Saving Mode is my favourite feature!

  • Patrick Siu

    the Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • Treen Goodwin

    I love the screen size and the smart remote and its water resistant ….awesome thanks for the chance 🙂

  • saminder gumer

    i love the 16 MP camera for taking great shots.

  • saminder gumer
  • saminder gumer
  • saminder gumer

    like u on fb as sammy gumer

  • saminder gumer

    follow you on twitter as @sgumer

  • stacey dempsey

    My favorite feature is the 16MP camera and the Ultra Power Saving Mode is really great too

  • stacey dempsey

    I follow you on twitter @roswello and tweeted https://twitter.com/roswello/status/495012557980053505

  • stacey dempsey

    I like you and shared on facebook Stacey Dempsey

  • Neil Anderson

    The great camera and the fact that the gear is linked

  • Nicole

    The Ultra Power Saving Mode is awesome!

  • Tammy Dalley

    Love the 16mp camera!

  • Tammy Dalley

    Shared on twitter as @mommaoftwoboyz Shared on facebook as Tammy Dalley

  • Melissa D

    the 16mp camera!

  • Kristine Ewald

    I love the battery saving power 🙂

  • maria

    The camera looks amazing!

  • Shelley H

    16mp camera and water resistant

  • BobbiUo Pentney

    The sleep tracker would help me, I need a few more ZZZZZ

  • Leanne

    16mp camera

  • Karen E. HIll

    My favourite feature would be the 16mp camera

  • Micheal Lefebvre

    Ultra power saving mode

  • 9oofus@gmail.com

    I like the Ultra Power Saving Mode and Gear Fit’s Connected Notification

  • Shelley N

    dust and water resistant is pretty amazing

  • Chris Stockford

    The great 16MP camera!

  • paul v

    16MP camera!

  • MrDisco

    I like that it has a 16MP camera and the watch has a heart-rate monitor

  • I love that is is dust and water resistant and the S Health features. Perfect for the busy active man. Fingers crossed to win for my Hubby. Liked and shared on facebook, follow on twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/CantonCathy/status/495698002955087872

  • Yuen C

    I love the 16MP camera!

  • Travelbuds

    I love the 16 mp camera

  • Jodi Cameron

    The durability of the phone. I have a busted iphone 4 that is unable to function. I’ve been looking for a phone that has all the necessary features: battery life, (water resistant very important), apps, light weight design and overall appearance. I could really use a new phone that is not broken or used and works great! Good luck to all! Thanks, Freshly Educated Men for this giveaway.

    Twitter: @MsJC_

  • Linda Thomas

    All I had to know is that it was the SAMSUNG brand and I got excited!

  • Sophia

    My favourite feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the 16MP camera along with all its nifty features and I love the idea of a personalized Fitness Manager on the Gear Fit so I can monitor my workout results.

    I also tweeted (https://twitter.com/FabAndSassy/status/495812854722093057) and shared on FB (https://www.facebook.com/soph.yee.3/posts/600130930104957).

  • Doris Calvert

    I love the camera and power saving mode

  • Doris Calvert

    Like you on Facebook

  • Doris Calvert

    follow you on twitter @dewinner

  • Doris Calvert
  • adil

    the incentive to keep active since its being tracked.

  • saminder gumer

    i love the large 5.1″ screen

  • saminder gumer
  • sa
  • David

    Screen size

  • Shelley N

    The 5.1″ screen is great

  • Shelley N
  • Annie

    The camera of course!!

  • Ka

    Ultra Power Saving Mode

  • Joyce

    Goodness, the camera is amazing.

  • Doris Calvert
  • Mark

    The camera