Official Cadillac Escalade Reveal In Toronto


The Escalade is the standard among luxury SUVs with a formula of bold design, powerful capability and luxurious accommodations. On July 17, we attended the official reveal of the fourth-generation Escalade here in downtown Toronto and can we say, the vehicle did not disappoint. From its gorgeous sleek masculine exterior to it’s luxurious, technologically savvy interior there was very little left to the imagination. Now granted we’ve yet to test drive the vehicle, but if there was ever a time to judge a book by it’s cover it would be now. Stay tuned for our follow-up article where we will be test driving the Escalade in all it’s glory to bring you an in-depth review, in the meantime here’s a glimpse into the evenings festivities. 

Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-14 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-13 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-11 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-10 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-9 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-8 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-7 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-6 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-5 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-4 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-3 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-2 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-1 Cadillac-Excalade-Reveal-Toronto-15