Levi’s Vintage Clothing Teams Up with Unionmade

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing has teamed up with west coast retailer Unionmade to recreate the historic 1944 501® Jean. This special edition replica was made entirely in San Francisco and recreated to exact World War II wartime standards. The high waisted, regular fit, the 1944 501® Jean was a product of World War II. To abide by wartime rationing, Levi Strauss & Co. did what they could to conserve metal, fabrics, and thread. Off came the watch pocket rivets, the crotch rivet and the cinch along with its two rivets (which eliminated both fabric and metal). The signature arcuate stitching was defined as decorative by the government, so Levi’s® began to paint the arcuate on every pair that came out of the factory.
Each pair of these White Oak selvedge jeans is unique, featuring details like one-of-a-kind surplus pocket bags, standard issue buttons, and a hand-painted arcuate. Available in limited quantities, the 1944 501® Jean is available exclusively at Unionmade.