Beard Nation: Men’s Grooming Tips From Kris Holden-Reid and Pamela Hackwell

The bearded nation army is still going strong, but there are those that choose to march to the beat of their own drum. While many still stand behind the bigger is better philosophy (and we certainly don’t question that mentality) there are brave men willing to deconstruct their beards and return to a “clean” look.

With the help of famed actor Kris Holden-Reid, Gotstyle’s grooming expert Pamela Hackwell and famed photographer Viktor Radics I put together this fun step by step transformation editorial to show men how to let it go (off their beards that is).


Men’s grooming STAGE ONE:


Kris has naturally curly hair so Gotstyle’s style expert Pamela Hackwell used Hair Hold by Hackwell to build the foundation of the style with a blow dryer then applied Hair Shaper by Hackwell on slightly damp hair to define texture and wave. The beard was tapered tighter on the sides to pop the eyes and chisel the face. Beard oil is popular and promoted to keep the beard soft, but hair conditioner works well to soften the hairs. Apply it in the shower and then add your beard oil for shine and definition.


men’s grooming STAGE two:

Tighter, cleaner sides

This cut was chosen for a slightly cleaner look without relinquishing the beard. For this look Pamela moved forward a heavy scruff with a clean neck that’s shaped around the jaw, keeping it all tidy, handsome and GROOMED. You can move into a stickier product here like Pomade by Hackwell for elevation and texture definition. For great looking skin try Shave Balk by Hackwell which keeps beard hair soft and moisturizes the skin.


men’s grooming STAGE Three:

Shorter, Tighter, and a Clean shaven face

Yes, it will be shocking if you haven’t seen your face in a long time, but if Kris can do it so can you. You’ll want to add more texture to the hair to balance things out. Apply Hair Shaper by Hackwell to dry hair for light texture and control or Pomade by Hackwell for elevation. Then just give the hair a quick toss. Kris’s cut provides potential for achieving many looks from casual Canada to formal Hollywood.