Formal Attraction: How To Wear A Tuxedo In 2015

Not all suits are tuxedos, but all tuxedos are suits. With that said comes the saying “A suit is to a woman, what lingerie is to a man.” So how would you rate your tux game? Our guess is that it’s limited to one style which is most likely the classic black with satin lapels. In today’s day and age that’s the equivalent of granny panties. Yup we said it. You’ve embraced the jogger pant, colourful socks, recognized that you can’t have a work wardrobe with only one suit and that winter isn’t won with just one jacket. So pray do tell why your ambitions of looking your best come to a screeching halt when it comes to dressing formally. Black tie affairs don’t come around often (for most of us) so why not use the few invites you do get to really step it up. Whether you’re attending a gala, wedding, or new years bash think outside the box and really make mark.

Whether you’re wearing a classic tuxedo blazer with printed pants, printed blazer accented by a vest and trousers or doing it reverse with a white blazer instead of the black the options out there are limitless. To prove it I bring you one of my feature editorial from my FW’15 edition of Gotstyle Man (now available in Indigo Chapters and all Gotstyle locations).

Special thank to Ishmil Waterman (Photographer)Steven B (Model) and Laura Rowley (Model) 



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