Mr.Mohan x Giftagram Holiday Gift Guide For Men

I’m excited to bring you my latest collaboration with the amazing people at Giftagram with a project titled the “12 Personalities of Christmas”. A gift guide series designed to help you pick the perfect gift for all the wonderful people in your life no matter their unique personality. From tech junkies, master chefs, hopeless romantics, urban mamas, down to Mr wonderful himself this series offers some great ideas from some of your favourite Toronto personalities/celebrities. Adding to mix is my gift guide designed for the “Man About Town“.

For someone who “technically” doesn’t celebrate Christmas, being Hindu and all, it’s ironic how I always find myself under a tree every year. For the past 18 years since I moved West from India, I’ve somehow, nonchalantly, ended up under a Christmas tree either unwrapping my gifts or, more appropriately, frantically rushing the day before to finish my shopping. Some may call this behaviour procrastination, I call it working well under pressure.

I’ll admit, even though I habitually leave shopping for the last minute, I’m still very good at finding the right gifts for the people in my life. Even with my ridiculous schedule, I love the process behind it all because there is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone’s reaction when you get them something they truly appreciate.

Unfortunately, it would seem that when it comes to gifting people like me, people get lost. A sentiment that Giftagram clearly understands; otherwise, why else would there be a “Man About Town” category? I can admit that shopping for today’s modern man can be a challenge; shopping for one that seems to be informed about the latest trends can be nearly impossible. Like do you get him a bag or tie? Should the bag be leather or canvas? Are skinny ties still in? And what about those colourful socks?!

Not to worry, after scouring Giftagram, I think I’ve put together a great list of gifts you can choose for your “Man About Town”.