Kicking Off Summer at Bestival Toronto 2016

Bestival made its triumphant return to Toronto this past weekend. Transforming Woodbine Park into a cultural circus where festival goers were treated to a setup that looked like a Miley Cyrus dream world. So as you can imagine we brushed the glitter from our eyes and readied ourselves for what this weekend was to bring. Embracing the festival theme, Summer of Love, goers were welcomed to an open and comforting environment complete with an inflatable church, knitting circles, and a costume parade. Match that with dozens of animal onesies and glitter, Bestival (in typical style) was far from disappointing.


With major music changes this years lineup differed greatly from last years indie heavy vibe. While 2015 had Alessia Cara, Banks, and Florence + The Machine take the stage, Bestival 2016 was EDM/electronic driven featuring names like Grimes, Jamie XX, and Odesza. While we could sit there and discuss in length the pro’s and con’s of the change we thought it best to speak to the bigger picture.
Music festival like this one are there for one core fact- they are there (in our opinion) to showcase the cultural melting pot we live in through great music, and by creating a space where we can celebrate diversity and the power of community. And while certain acts maybe more pleasing to one group over another the real fun comes in the way of your environment and what it represents. Let’s face it, what a great music festival like Bestival brings to a performance an in-door, controlled, concert venue never could. And while there are the good, bad and uglies of music festivals- we dare say Bestival fairs better than most we’ve been too.
Congrats team Bestival- we look forward to seeing what you bring to Toronto in the future years.

Bestival Street Style

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