Peace Collective x Digital Dreams Capsule Collection

Built on the bare bones of electronic dance music culture, Toronto’s Digital Dreams is now in its fifth year. For many EDM fans, Digital Dreams is their Mecca, the electronic Promised Land where fans have the ability to engage in the electric lifestyle while furthering a cultural movement. Partnering with local fashion phenomenon Peace Collective, Digital Dreams will ride the PC wave, and will be sold at Festival march stations. Achieving prominence in the city during the Pan American Games, Peace Collective garnered a reputation for Canadian-centric goods built to represent Toronto and nation pride.

Working on a ‘one for one’ model, humanitarian goals remain the backbone of Peace Collective;Working closely with the Toronto charity, Breakfast for Learning, Peace Collective donates a week’s worth of meals with the purchase of their garments.

In this year’s exclusive collaboration, Peace Collective has developed a unisex sweatshirt with hood, unisex t-shirts, and unisex tank tops. Whether you be donning the United We Dream tank or promoting your DRMR status, Peace Collective and Digital Dreams has the festival gear for you.

Peace Collective x Digital Dreams

Capsule Collection