SWIMS Introduces Its Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Back in 2006, SWIMS was originally founded on the simple idea of transforming the traditional galosh, from a purely practical utility product to a classy and branded lifestyle item with a bold personality. The SWIMS Galosh became an instant success and found its way to exclusive retailers across all continents. Our galosh is now a dearly valued part of the wardrobe for style-conscious people around the world looking good whilst protecting their favourite pair of shoes.
The revitalized galosh was created based on a philosophy of marrying true function with timeless classics, and it is a great testament to our passionate culture of challenging conventional perspectives. These values are also truly apparent in the SWIMS Loafer, which in a few seasons has gained a large number of enthusiastic fans across the globe. The loafer has become a cornerstone of our offering and it has become yet another iconic SWIMS hallmark.
At SWIMS we love water. Whether we move in it under a bright blue sky or see it falling from the heavens above. Our love of water makes us relevant in almost every part of the world; on the way to the office or when heading for the beach, or even on that 40 foot sailing-yacht many of us wished we owned.
Over the past 10 years SWIMS has grown into a vibrant and sought-after lifestyle brand. The more we grow, the more committed we are to our core philosophy. During the development process of new projects we humorously often use the phrase: “to SWIMSify”. But make no mistake; this playful approach to design is always matched by an equally large commitment to the quality and the functionality of our products. Who says what is fun cannot also be great?


Two words: natural air-conditioning. We’ve taken the successful Breeze from last summer season and expanded it into a line of city strolling, super lightweight, super breathable and super comfortable city loafers. There’s not much to say, you just have to try them.
Warning: Once you go Breeze, you never go back.


Last summer season’s biggest success, the Breeze is semi-seamless, ultra-light and has a molded fabric. We have designed a 360-degree airflow system that outmaneuvers all shoes we have ever seen. The cushioned injection-molded EVA /rubber outsole enhances bounce and flexibility. A definitive must-have and simply a Breeze to wear, this is a light, soft and breathable go-to for your feet.


Functional and evergreen. The 3D molded TPU structure with an anti-bacterial mesh liner gives the loafer its signature function and look. Design-patented ventilation gills allow for breathability and drainage if in water. The soft and flexible upper fabric provides a snug fit and air circulation. A non marking natural rubber outsole ensures a good grip on slippery surfaces. Machine-washable at 30°C in a washing bag.