Toronto has long been known for its international appeal and, more recently, a unique basketball culture. But even before the Drake’s, Weekends and the Raptors put us on the commercial map for big box brands this city has always had a crazy love affair with sneaker culture. With throwback shops like Goodfoot, Capule and Stolen Riches to veterans like Livestock there’s no denying that Toronto has always had a loyal sneaker fan base. I’d like to think that these cultural attributes are just some of the reasons that made the city a perfect location for delivering the best of what Jordan Brand has to offer. I’m sure subtle success stories like Drake, The Weekend and the Raptors had some impact as well.

Speaking of the Raptors, remember the 2016 NBA All-Star weekend? Aside from all the mayhem, Americans and Drake parties that was also the time the doors to 306 Yonge first opened for a special pop-up experience. Fast forward to 2017 and gone are the pop-ups and in come Toronto’s first Jordan Brand hard shop- one that properly RECO6NIZE Toronto’s spot within sports, art, and culture with a permanent home. Feel free to take a moment, to digest, perhaps shed a tear and recognize how much this city evolves everyday. “Started from the bottom now we…” sorry, just couldn’t resist.


Enough with the light heartedness, let’s get to the details. Toronto’s new number one destination for Jordan Brand opened on Saturday, May 27 at 6:23AM…do you get it?! In addition to reco6nizing the Class of XXX1 and other members of the community for their pursuit of greatness, the grand opening also included a series of high heat releases. The exclusive offerings available will be highlighted by customizable product and pairs of the Air Jordan IV, I, and VI to honor the 416. How do you feel about that?! No seriously, comment below and let me know what you think about the store.
Not only is does the Yonge 306 shop house the latest and greatest Jordan Brand products, it’ll also features Centre 23. This space will serve as Canada’s training hub to prepare athletes with specialized sessions led by Jordan Brand trainers. From Breakfast Club workouts to barbershop services on Get Fresh Thursdays, Centre 23 will both reco6nize and push Toronto’s athletes.