FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN was founded on the simple premise of evolutionizing Toronto men through fashion, arts and culture. We had realized that there wasn’t really a men’s lifestyle site that was specifically dedicated to men in Toronto. The majority of men in Toronto seem to be…well, left in the dark in some respects, when it came to fashion and the how to’s in menswear. So we began this journey back in June 2009 (seems like it’s been an eternity) and from then on, we quickly realized that not only were we devoted to educating men in various aspects of life, but we were also promoting Toronto as a whole. The whole notion that our city has little to offer is one that we strive to dispel. Our aim is to let the world know that Toronto is an extraordinary city, bursting with so much talent and culture.

We have 3 mandates that we abide by:

  • Educate Toronto men about fashion, arts and culture
  • Tell Toronto’s story while championing it as a city that prides itself on innovation, diversity and culture. We aim to inspire through the various stories that come out of our city.
  • Change old stereotypes that men in Toronto seem to have about certain issues and cultivate them to the 21st century.

So while we keep the men in Toronto “FRESH” through fashion and its various topics, we also keep them “EDUCATED” in various forms by way of discussing about politics, social issues that affect our city or even inspiring through our Home Grown Talents’ stories.