India Bazaar

little india With over 100 shops and restaurants, this is the largest marketing place of South Asian goods and services in North America. Exotic sights, sounds, tastes and aromas greet visitors along with a vast array of restaurants and menus of Subcontinent cuisines that embrace products and produce and incorporate new dishes with exciting examples […]

Hidden Treasures

There’s a saying in the English language: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  It can’t get any truer than in the vintage shops, because deep within the stashes of clothing, could possibly lead you to your most prized purchase…at a fraction of the cost.  Don’t get us wrong, we do relish the idea of […]

“In an Absolut World, Opportunities Always Pop Up”

Thursday August 13 2009 provided a unique glimpse into the brilliant mind that is Justin Broadbent.  Absolut Vodka had approached him with the opportunity to create a one-day, experiential public art exhibit.  Creating his interpretations of the phrase: “In an Absolut World, Opportunities Always Pop Up”, Justin Broadbent’s instillation at the Lower Bay TTC station […]

wings + horns F/W 2009 Collection

Having been released a couple years now, this Vancouver-bred brand has already created a niche within the fashion industry world-wide.  Adored for their emphasis on simple designs and cuts with a twist, their pieces are timeless, their look is of effortless chic, and the most impressive aspect of their collections, it’s all made in Canada.  […]