The Wayfarer

shades of style… A classic of modern design and one of the most enduring fashion icons of numerous generations, the Wayfarer has been reborn.  And likewise with the man who sports a pair.  His style immediately revitalized from a classic yet dull look, to a classic and edgier one.  According to one design critic: “The […]

The Tie

tied up… The tie represents sophistication, class, maturity with a hint of business and geekiness in a man.  A certain dapperness if you will.  A good quality tie will last a lifetime…and further you in the world.  When tied correctly, with this menswear staple, a man exudes confidence and readiness to take on the world.  […]

Ciao Italia!

little italy “Perhaps taking a cue from ancient times, Little Italy’s vibrancy and allure is all about the age-old tradition of meeting good friends and sharing a delicious meal together.  Named in tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people of Italian descent who made the area at College and Euclid their home at the […]

A World Within A Market

kensington market If there was ever a place that embodied the diversity of Toronto, it would have to be the one and only Kensington Market. In the heart of the city, Kensington Market is a distinctive multicultural neighbourhood.  The market is one of the city’s oldest and most famous neighbourhoods, and in November 2006, it […]