There are certain situations in life that boggles the mind.  A series of events that perplexes you to the point where your head actually hurts from analyzing it.  Then, there are W.T.F. moments.  These are the particular moments that not only puzzles you, but vexes you so much that it deserves a harsh diatribe.  So, […]

Downtown On-Street Parking: Reduce or Encourage?

For years, urban planners (and dwellers alike) have been tackling the issue of motor vehicles and their relevance in the downtown core.  On-street parking is a designated space for parking on most city streets and requires payment from the drivers.  In congested urban areas, parking of motor vehicles is time consuming and sometimes expensive.  For […]

The Vest

what’s your flavour? Much like a suit, no reputable menswear designer can miss the opportunity to put vests into their line up for any season.  Vests have transitioned from a suit staple to the realm of everyday wear.  Trends today are focusing on outfits that feature the vest as a substitute to the jacket or […]

Nuit Blanche 2009

nuit blanche 2009. As people from all over the city and world descended upon Toronto last night, so did we.  Granted that we aren’t professional “photographers”, we did what we could to capture some of the amazing sights and sounds that brought the city to life.  Starting in the Distillery District where we met a […]

Thanksgiving 2009 Weekend and the 3 Iconic Fetes

As the Thanksgiving long weekend is inching closer, 3 of our city’s most celebrated events are set to elevate Toronto’s nightlife once again.  Although there are many other events planned for this long weekend, we at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN feel that the following 3  truly embody innovation and most importantly…fun.  As one is celebrating their prestigious 3 […]

The Art of Fashion 2009 Design Competition & Trunk Show: Iconic Power

October 3 2009 @ 55 Mill Street (Buildings 6 & 7) – 7pm to 3am – FREE Founded by Michelle Planche in 1998 due to the fact that there wasn’t much support for emerging Canadian designers at that time (compared to New York, Paris and Milan), she had envisioned for a strong home grown support […]