Burberry shops in Toronto. Finally!!

The iconic British fashion house that made the world go hysterical with its recognized Haymarket check (aka. Burberry “classic check”), Gabardine trench coat (that Thomas Burberry invented and patented in 1888) and recently from the creative helm of Christopher Bailey‘s brilliant mind, a more refined and cutting edge image, is slated to finally open shop […]

House of Hoops, the Toronto version? Say it ain’t so!

Rumours and talks have been swirling in the NikeTalk forums for a couple weeks now about Nike Canada finally deciding to open up a Canadian House of Hoops in Toronto.  For anybody that doesn’t know what a House of Hoops is and wonder what this all means to our city, well listen carefully.  Launched by […]

“T-O-R-O-N-T-O D-R-A-K-E that’s me, you know how the story goes”…

Drake, Drizzy, Drake Drizzy Rogers, new version of The Fresh Prince and most importantly, Toronto’s very own.  By now, you know who this dude is, and if you don’t, we forgive you, living in a cave in Tora Bora isn’t easy.  Born Aubrey “Drake” Graham and raised in our fair city, he has made a […]