Thanksgiving 2009 Weekend and the 3 Iconic Fetes

The Originals, SNL & Tastemakers
The Originals, SNL & Tastemakers

As the Thanksgiving long weekend is inching closer, 3 of our city’s most celebrated events are set to elevate Toronto’s nightlife once again.  Although there are many other events planned for this long weekend, we at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN feel that the following 3  truly embody innovation and most importantly…fun.  As one is celebrating their prestigious 3 year anniversary in the heart of Yorkville, the second is set to host their cult-like followed event at a grand opening of a newly built venue in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, while the final fete is an ode to the “tastemakers” in in our city being held at a luxurious location…

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The Art of Fashion 2009 Design Competition & Trunk Show: Iconic Power

The Art of Fashion 2009 Design Competition & Trunk Show
The Art of Fashion 2009 Design Competition & Trunk Show

October 3 2009 @ 55 Mill Street (Buildings 6 & 7) – 7pm to 3am – FREE

Founded by Michelle Planche in 1998 due to the fact that there wasn’t much support for emerging Canadian designers at that time (compared to New York, Paris and Milan), she had envisioned for a strong home grown support system for our designers.  As a result, for 10 years, Art of Fashion (a not-for-profit organization) has continually provided a unique platform for emerging Canadian designers in which the designers themselves are exposed to the public and industry through an annual fashion event, with the main attraction being the design competition, and a seller’s trunk show.  Through their tireless efforts in supporting our home grown talent, Art of Fashion has now become the event for fashionista’s and fashionisto’s in Toronto.  And this year promises to be bigger and better.  With 10 finalists vying for 2 design awards in the competition (and not to mention being judged by prominent Canadian designers David Dixon, Shawn Hewson of Bustle Clothing & Brian Bailey) and the utterly popular trunk show, Iconic Power will once again prove to the world why our city is among the best when it comes to creativity.

Although the majority of designs and brands being exposed during this year’s event will be womenswear, menswear will still be represented…albeit it a minute contingency.  Perhaps this will change next year as menswear rightfully should be well represented at these important events.  Nevertheless, what Art of Fashion does for our city (and Canada as a whole) should be applauded.  This is vital to the growth and success of our home grown talents, and we at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN will always support any organizations and individuals making an impact towards bettering Toronto.

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Doing Nuit Blanche 2009 The Smart Way

Nuit Blanche 2009
Nuit Blanche 2009

October 3 2009 @ sunset – October 4 2009 @ sunrise

In its 4th year, Toronto’s “all-night contemporary art thing” is set to be entering to its biggest yet.  With 130 free and accessible contemporary art projects within 3 zones (all located in the downtown core), Toronto will once again be sleepless for this night.  It is now a time honoured tradition of literally roaming the streets, along with a million other revelers, and discovering the unexpected.  And that’s the aim for most enthusiasts at Nuit Blanche: to stumble upon something so visually stimulating that it resonates with you well after the event.  From D.A. Therrien’s “4 Letter Word Machine” being illuminated high at City Hall, to eavesdropping on celebrities playing Monopoly with real money at the Toronto Stock Exchange, this year’s Nuit Blanche promises to be unique.

So, in order to best maximize your 12 hours being visually stunned, we give you a basic survival guide on how best to do Nuit Blanche 2009.

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How To Pick the Perfect Collar Shirt

The Perfect Collared Shirt
The Perfect Collar Shirt

Having written so many “How To” posts from picking the perfect suit, tying a tie to how to properly accessorize your outfit, there is one crucial element that is almost always forgotten, your shirt!  More importantly, the style of  collar on the shirt.  It’s all in the details gentlemen, all in the details.  Do you wear the Straight Collar, Spread Collar, the Button Down, or how about the Tab Collar?  And let’s not forget about the always formal, Wing Collar.

This may seem a bit trivial, but trust us, each brings something unique to the table and can drastically influence your ensemble.  The perfect collar shirt will turn your look from casual to dressy, and formal to professional and polished in a flash.

Here is your guide to looking better…

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The Pea Coat

power of a pea coat.

“Having survived 300 years of naval battles and long voyages across the globe, the pea coat remains popular.

Certain pieces of clothing never go out of style.  Jeans have lasted a couple centuries, the necktie an equal amount of time, but one item has outlasted them all, in its original form, no less.  It’s been worn by men the world over, from sailors to singers.  That garment is the pea coat.

The pea coat has been around for hundreds of years, but recently it has gained a new popularity among young fashionable men.  This can be credited to the many practical benefits of the pea coat coupled with its distinguished aesthetic qualities and all around versatility.  The pea coat is a blast from the past that has quickly become the future of men’s outerwear.  So if you are in the market for a new jacket, check out the pea coat.” Sam Stilson

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My Toronto

A picture says 1000 words.  In this age of hustle and bustle, we tend to forget that our city has amazing visuals that tell our story.  We may pass by an intersection, a road, a building, a person, a shop many times without appreciating its beauty.  Every week we want to give you a unique perspective from a local Toronto photographer through their eyes.

What they capture may tell an untold story.

Monstrous OCAD
Monstrous OCAD - "For those of you who do not know this building, this is the Sharp Centre of OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design). These shots has quite a significant meaning to it, since they were taken right on the day which I finished my 3rd year at OCAD. Now I have only one year to go."

Shot by Amir of

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Secrets of a Black Boy: We Are Here

Secrets of a Black Boy
Secrets of a Black Boy

“I wrote this as a piece to inspire.  Inspire all men to be men and stand up for who they are and what they represent.  Inspire the next generation of men to walk along their own path, to find their own passions and motivations.  We all have so much potential in us and the world of late has made us dormant.  Those days are over and I hope to lead the movement of the dynamic man.” Darren Anthony

Spending the better part of his 5 years writing, analyzing and executing Secrets of a Black Boy, playwright, Darren Anthony (brother to Trey Anthony of ‘Da Kink In My Hair fame) has delivered a play that is truly reshaping the way we men look at ourselves and, how others view us.  For too long, there has been this particular stigma that as a man, there is no need to vocalize our deepest emotions and thoughts.  And for too long, many men have all but bottled up their darkest fears and realizations.  Never in the city, has there been a movement that tried to understand what is actually at play in a male’s mind, nor has there been an outlet that allowed men to freely pursue a path that is truly their own…until now.  Through the awe-inspiring words, raw and at times gritty portrayal of the current state of the world we live in, and the unforgettable stories of each character…Secrets of a Black Boy delves deep into the male psyche.  And what transpired from these “secrets” of the 5 male characters, was a beautifully written yet haunting piece that unearthed, the sometimes, ugly truth that we all know is there, but never had the courage to discuss.

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Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide
Laptop Buying Guide

It seems that wherever you go these days, you find people with a laptop…be it a personal one or one from work.  They are everywhere, and you want in on the trend, but where do you start?  Like most things technological, one can easily get scared or even down right confused when making a decision. Between the Mega this, Giga that and Tera what, it’s no wonder people end up getting something they did not need or something they did not want in the first place.  Now, before we go any further, I want to make this clear: I don’t want anyone to say, “oh well, a Mac can do that”, or, “just get a Mac”.  This is an objective guide to allow you to pick something that not only meets your technical requirements, but also your budget.  Unfortunately, with a starting price of $1150 CDN, a Mac just does not fit into everyone’s budget.

So how does one go about getting a laptop without getting completely confused?  Well let me list some of the common terms and try to explain them in the simplest of ways to help you out.

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