**The Luminato Experience** Day 2: Free Events


So as you all know there is this “little” thing called Luminato that is taking place all over downtown Toronto. And seeing how we are in a recession I felt it important to to provide you information that would be budget sensitive.  Below are links to various Luminato exhibitions that are TOTALLY FREE!

This is Day 2 in a series of 10. Please note that many of the events listed in our earlier post (**The Luminato Experience** Day 1: Free Events) are permanent exhibitions and can be viewed during the remaining 9 days. As a result, in this post I am only indicating new events that were not in our previous posts.


Family Dance Party
Family Dance Party

Family Dance Party
Family Dance Party
Illuminations - The Urban Playground
Illuminations - The Urban Playground
The Traveling Blues
The Traveling Blues

New Waves Festival
New Waves Festival

Light on Your Feet
Light on Your Feet
The Great Canadian Tune
The Great Canadian Tune

**The Luminato Experience** Day 1: Free Events


Now in its third year starting June 5th-June 14th, Luminato is an annual ten-day celebration of the arts where Toronto’s stages, streets, and public spaces are infused with theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, film, literature, visual arts, and design.

Luminato embraces three key programming principles: collaboration, accessibility, and diversity.

Luminato is designed to showcase Toronto’s bustling downtown core and the cultural renaissance transforming the city’s renowned concert halls, galleries, museum collections, and performing arts companies.

FREE!! Yes gentlemen you can take your girlfriend, mom, heck your entire family out and it won’t cost a cent. Luminato has a series of free events so I encourage all of you to take part in this great cultural experience.


Free 2 3 4 5

6 8 9 10 11

Where are you Yeezy?

Either you hate them or love them, you cannot deny that the hype surrounding the Yeezy’s is historic.  Rumours about the Nike x Kanye collaboration (first pair Nike has ever done with a non-athlete) surfaced early ‘08.  Then at the 2008 Grammy’s, Ye unveiled them to the world.  And who could forget his Glow in the Dark Tour where he wore them on stage?  It was then announced that it would be a trilogy.  Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it!?  The first Yeezy’s (Zen Grey) finally graced our planet April 4, 2009 with as much hype and nervousness that one would expect after a year in waiting.  Sneaker heads (and re sellers) lined up days before the launch date, and here in Toronto, it rained heavily for the two days leading up to the drop.  But yet, these souls lined up along Spadina for days, lawn chairs and umbrellas in hand, camped out in front of Livestock.  May 2, 2009 came, and another pair was given to us by Nike, this time the most anticipated colour, the Black/Pink Yeezy’s.  If you didn’t think the first time around was bad, this colourway topped it.  2 dudes from Ohio (yes, OHIO!) were the first ones in line at Livestock…on the Wednesday!  Needless to say, they got theirs, but many others didn’t.

taken from http://hustlegrl.com/blog/
taken from http://hustlegrl.com/blog/

This time around, the last and final colourway from this trilogy will be released June 6.  The Net/Net Yeezy’s are very similar to the first 2 in terms of look; however, there are subtle differences.  The first two, only the soles glowed in the dark, whereas the swoosh on the Net/Net will glow too.  And the straps are a solid colour without the Y’s stamped all over it.  The hype still lives on with the Net/Net’s, so be prepared!  And I won’t even start with the LVeezy’s!

June 6 drop at Livestock (will hand out raffle tickets at 10:30am sharp and raffle begins at 11am for all available pairs), Footlocker Yonge/Dundas (issued wristbands to VIP clients for raffle on launch date at last check), Stolen Riches (already a line up formed), The Vault (supposedly a line up already formed too) and of course eBay.  More stores will be added when info becomes available.

And to sum up what most people who lined up for the first 2 (and the future souls for the June 6 release) probably said in their heads (or out loud), newcomer (and homegrown talent) Blake Carrington (aka. Dolla N A Dream) did a joint dedicated to that sentiment.


Joint’s called Give Me My Yeezy’s (LOL) off of his debut mixtape: Welcome to my World, check him out at: www.myspace.com/blakecarringtonsworld

Sidebar, if he looks familiar, he is.  He’s also on Kid Famous’ joint, A Kid Tryna Make It (feat. Mayhem Morearty & Blake Carrington) off Famous’ I Rap Now.  Check him out at: http://www.myspace.com/thekidfamous

The Day The Sneaker World Stood Still

Top 10 things to have at an ultra-hyped up sneaker drop.

LVeezy’s…for the more refined price, uhhh, we mean gentleman.

Top 10 things to have at an ultra-hyped up sneaker drop.

Every sneaker head can tell you that every so often, there’s a shoe that garners so much attention and hysteria that some will line up for days to secure their hands on them.  Examples: Day of the Dead/SBTG Fam&Friends/Shanghai’s/De La Soul/Futura P-Rods re-release at Goodfoot last year, Jordan XX3’s, Supreme Destroyers 2007, the 2005 Pigeon’s (where a major riot broke out in front of Reed Space in NY) and most recently, the Yeezy’s.  So, ever wondered what to bring and do for this type of wait (and how do you go to the bathroom?!?)?  Here’s our top 10 things to have if you’re brave enough to line up for your Holy Grails.

Where are you Yeezy?

The Day The Sneaker World Stood Still

The Big Ticket **MORE VS. MOJO**

The BIG Ticket
The BIG Ticket

With promo vid’s running weeks leading up to the event, $15 tickets being sold everywhere, there was no doubt that the hype surrounding The Big Ticket was… “BIG”


Lets take it back a step and look for a second at previous MORE events. From many jams like MORE Brooklyn, MORE Diva’s and most recently, MORE Collabo’s, we’ve come to expect a certain caliber of excellence. We have become accustomed to expecting good music, good people and heat from the sneaker heads.  For those of you that have never been to a MORE jam, lemme give you the backstage scoop. MORE events are always designed with a theme, for example: MORE Brooklyn was a jam that gave us classic joints straight out of the BK.  At MORE Collabo’s they played some of the best and memorable collaborations… Get the jist?! So when it came to The Big Ticket, even though there was no musical theme, there was a BATTLE between team MORE and team MOJO.

Agile and Fase    Crowd

Crowd 2     Boogeyme'n and P-Plus

Agile     Boogeyme'n

P-Plus and Agile   Fase

So without further adieu…THE SCOOP:

It all went down May 30th at Revival and can I say it was a show not to have been missed!! True to form there were no ego’s, no drunk ass people gettin’ into fights and no Top 40! The crowd was live and the place was packed. Once you were in you didn’t dare to leave, even for a cigarette. The DJ’s came to spin and the crowd was there to soak it in.  You really had to be a music connoisseur to have fully appreciated the scene, ’cause MORE jams aren’t designed to appeal to the masses.  They aren’t groupies looking to please everyone, all they care about is reppin’ the music. When you hear a set where Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Micheal Jackson are used to battle back with album cuts from Biggie, Gang Starr and Q-Tip, you know this ain’t your average gig.  You were either singing along with all the ole school Hip Hop, R&B and Lovers Rock or simply being educated.  Whatever your take you know you were having fun.

We included two clips that we had shot at the jam to highlight the music that graced our ears that night.  Sidebar, disregard the visuals.



RATING: polaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroidpolaroid (8 of 10 Polaroids)

Sale time!

Yes, it’s that time of year again where many retailers in Yorkville put their spring/summer ’09 collections on sale to make room for the incoming fall/winter ’09-’10 pieces.  Any pro-shopper will tell you two things: the earlier you go the better the selection and, patience is a virtue.  Considering the state of the world’s economy, this year more than ever, sales are a good thing, not only to the retailers, but to us as well.  Who doesn’t like a sale!?!

  • Harry Rosen: up to 40% off of their dandy gear (Canali, Etro, Pringle, BOSS Black).  Ends at the end of August.  Best selection at the Bloor Street flagship.
  • Gucci: Self explanatory.  Up to 50% off selected Spring/Summer ’09 collection.  130 Bloor Street West
  • Prada: Self explanatory 2.  Up to 50% on shoes and clothing only.  Ends whenever last piece is sold.  131 Bloor Street West
  • Hugo Boss: up to 50% Spring/Summer ’09 collection.  Ends June 14.  18 Hazelton Ave.
  • TNT Man: up to 25% off but will increase as months pass.  55 Avenue Road (in Hazelton Lanes)
  • george C: up to 50% off on most pieces from Spring/Summer ’09 collections (Costume National, Neil Barrett, Y3).  21 Hazelton Ave.
  • NOMAD: 20-30% off selected pieces from Spring/Summer ’09 collections (A.P.C, Acne, Comme des Garçons, Common Projects, Filippa K, Helmut Lang, Nom de Guerre, rag & bone, Robert Geller, Visvim, Surface to Air, W+H, Rogan etc.). 1200 Bay Street
  • Holt Renfrew: up to 40% off selected pieces.  Advertised as ending June 18, but disregard the date.  Personally knowing the inner workings at Holts, it will go on for an indefinite date.  If anything, the sale will “continue” at Last Call (Vaughan Mills) where it will be further reduced.  Best selection at the Bloor Street flagship (Dior Homme, Dolce&Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Burberry Prorsum, Band of Outsiders, rag & bone, Raf Simons etc.).
Holt Renfrew Designer Sale
Holt Renfrew Designer Sale

LVeezy’s…for the more refined price, uhhh, we mean gentleman.

Louis Vuitton x Kanye West F/W 09-10 Ad
Louis Vuitton x Kanye West F/W '09-'10 Ad

Yes, my man Kanye is on his hustle again this year.  What?  With the Yeezy’s, his voice in some of this year’s dopest tracks, his Paris Fashion Week outings and not to mention him and Jay-Z finally working on Blueprint 3 (and rumours of him performing at this year’s Glastonbury festival).  Couldn’t get any higher than that, right?  Well, if you know Kanye, there’s always that extra push in him.  Yes, Louis Vuitton (you know, that malletier that is kinda like a big deal?) has collaborated with Ye for their upcoming men’s F/W 2009 RTW.  The Louis Vuitton x Kanye West sneaker line is tentatively set to be released July 1 2009 at select LV boutiques (including the LV boutique on Bloor Street, select styles only.  And yes, there is already a waiting list).  Back in early 2008, Ye teased the world and announced the collaboration at the Jardins de Bagatelle in Paris…news spread fast and fashionistas and Ye fans alike were salivating.  Through, what we would presume to be months upon months of the creative process with Louis Vuitton’s shoe designer, Fabrizio Vitti, this much anticipated sneaker debut consists of 3 models aptly named after his crew.  The Don’s (probably named after Don C, his manager, if not Ye himself.  Consists of 4 colourways, 3 of them low top and the other one more mid with toggles.), The Jasper’s (Ibn Jasper, his barber and stylist.  Consists of 2 colourways, both high tops) and the Mr Hudson’s (an artist under his G.O.O.D. music label that was featured in Paranoid off of 808’s & Heartbreak.  Consists of 2 colourways and a boat deck shoe).

The details of these shoes are impeccable, but who would’ve thought less of LV’s and Ye’s detailed oriented minds?  Like in one of the Jasper’s, Kanye West will be etched onto the toggles.  The fashion (and streets) world is anxiously waiting for this line to be dropped, especially after seeing the red Don’s be utilized during the men’s RTW show in Paris.  But be warned that worldwide LV boutiques currently have waiting lists for these, and at last check, the LV boutique in SoHo NYC has a list pages deep.  Prices have also been confirmed to run from $870 US to $1140 US. But, who can put a price tag on what will most definitely be a historic collection for Louis Vuitton?

Check out this preview of the Jasper’s and Don’s from the behind the scenes video of Clipse’s Kinda Like A Big Deal shoot.  Here you see the dude salivating for the Louis’.


la mode masculine collections Automne-Hiver 2009-2010 à Paris – Day 1: Louis Vuitton

Gentlemen Only! – Truefitt & Hill


“In the year of 1805, William Francis Truefitt opened his first gentlemen’s salon at 2 Cross-Lane, Long Acre London. In 1811 he moved the business to 40 Old Bond Street and established himself as “Court hair cutter” and “Court head dresser” where, along with his sole employee, his brother Peter, he was soon to become Wigmaker, by Royal Appointment to His Majesty, King George III. Since then Truefitt & Hill occupies the position of one of the leading men’s hairdressers in the World. Glancing at the appointments book, it reads like pages from Debretts and Who’s Who. Clients include members of the male line of the Royal Family, members of visiting royal households, captains of industry, members of both Houses of Parliament, the city, the theater, ambassadors and the diplomatic service, visiting dignitaries, the professions, the arts, and all other strata of British Society.” (Truefitt & Hill)




In 1995, Truefitt & Hill became the first spa in Canada exclusively designed for gentlemen’s needs. Located in the Scotia Plaza (40King St West) it is no surprise given its history and client base that this illustrious barber shop is an appointment only business. Much like its counter parts in Europe and the United States, this location screams luxury, and comfort which is reflected in their meticulous attention to detail. With their antique barber chairs, mahogany furniture,  and their own personal line of shampoos, shaving cream, perfumes and aftershave products is their any doubt that quality is their prime directive! Did I mention they do “Boot Shine”-now if that isn’t a reflection of the sheer calibre of service then I don’t know what is?

As the title of this article states “Gentlemen Only”, this is not for everyone, its only for the Best! Now I’m sure most of you are wondering the price tag to all this luxury. So here is the break down:



  • Haircut – $36.00
  • Child Haircut (12 & younger) – $29.00
  • Hot Lather Shave – $42.00
  • Beard Trim – $39.00
  • Neck Shave Only – $14.00
    (No appointment needed)
  • Shampoo Only – $27.00
    (No appointment needed)
  • Hair Coloring – $69.00
  • Foil Hi-Lites – $69.00
  • Cleansing Herbal Steam Facial – $70.00
    (Please allow 1 hour for this service in semi-privacy)
  • 1 Hour Relaxing Stress Relief Massage (semi-privacy) – $70.00
    (Massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp)
  • 1/2 Hour Relaxing Stress Relief Massage (semi-privacy) – $38.00
    (Massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp)
  • Manicure – $22.00
    (We use only sterilized tools)
  • Relaxing Hand & Forearm Massage – $22.00
    (Please allow 1/2 hour for this service)
  • Pedicure – $50.00
    (We use only sterilized tools) (Please allow 1 hour for this service in privacy)
  • Soothing Foot Massage – $45.00
    (Please allow 1/2 hour for this service in privacy)
  • Shoe Shine – $6.00
  • Boot Shine – $8.00
    (Drop-off service available.)Aftershave

Please also note that Truefitt & Hill also offer special service packages that combine many of the above mentioned services. This is a great option for those considering gift ideas for the men in their lives or perhaps a self-gift for those who know they deserve to be treated to the best.

Burberry shops in Toronto. Finally!!

The iconic British fashion house that made the world go hysterical with its recognized Haymarket check (aka. Burberry “classic check”), Gabardine trench coat (that Thomas Burberry invented and patented in 1888) and recently from the creative helm of Christopher Bailey‘s brilliant mind, a more refined and cutting edge image, is slated to finally open shop in Toronto.

Burberry in Toronto was only available through other retailers (Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen) and dictated by their respective buyers.  Come this fall, all that will change.  Burberry is slated to open 2 shops in Toronto, one in Yorkdale (where the mall was recently blessed with Tiffany & Co., Michael by Michael Kors and Coach) and the other on Bloor Street.  We can tell you that the 2 shops will offer the usual Burberry London pieces (the collection with the checks) but we are very curious to know if the Bloor Street location will also offer the Burberry Prorsum collection (the “runway” collection)?  These 2 shops in Toronto will mean more variety and personalized attention from Burberry.  It’ll also be interesting to see how Holt Renfrew (the top retailer for Burberry in Canada; they carry most Burberry London pieces and are exclusive in carrying the Burberry Prorsum pieces in Canada) will react to the store openings. I predict that their Burberry clientele will eventually flock to the 2 shops based on offerings and exclusivity.  We will post any new info on the 2 shops as they become available.  But for now, the scheduled opening is, Fall 2009.

Now, if we can only get YSL in Toronto!

House of Hoops, the Toronto version? Say it ain’t so!

House of Hoops
House of Hoops

Rumours and talks have been swirling in the NikeTalk forums for a couple weeks now about Nike Canada finally deciding to open up a Canadian House of Hoops in Toronto.  For anybody that doesn’t know what a House of Hoops is and wonder what this all means to our city, well listen carefully.  Launched by a collaboration between Nike and Footlocker, the first House of Hoops was opened on November 19, 2007 on Harlem’s famed 125th Street.  Everything and anything to do with basketball is within the store’s walls.  All the exclusive PE (Player Exclusive) Jordans, Jordan gear and most importantly (and not frequent enough), the retro Jordans at retail price.  Yes, if available, you can get a pair of the Jordan 4 Retro “Mar’s Blackmon” at the price when they first came out.

“House of Hoops is a hub for all things basketball and a new home for consumers who live and breathe the game.  It’s the ultimate basketball store. House of Hoops offers a stellar line-up of performance and basketball inspired footwear, apparel and equipment from the game’s biggest names, meeting the needs of the every day player.”  Charlie Denson, President of the Nike Brand.

After the expected success of the Harlem store, Nike and Footlocker opened up 2 other stores in the US, one in Chi-Town and L.A.  Toronto heads were all scratching their heads and wondered when House of Hoops would grace our city.  Well, according to one source on NikeTalk, it’s been tentatively confirmed that Nike Canada will launch the first Canadian store here in Toronto for 2010.  The exact location hasn’t been finalized yet as Nike apparently wants the store to be 2 floors, and can’t be in the vacinity of any NikeTowns.  It’s been rumoured now that it might be in the West-end.  But no matter where it’s going to be, Toronto having a House of Hoops means one thing…Nike is putting our city with the likes of NY, Chi-Town and L.A as a major player in the sneaker culture.  Fam, we major!