The Day The Sneaker World Stood Still

Line up at Livestock morning of June 6 2009

June 6 2009 was marked on many sneakerheads’ (and re sellers alike) calendars as this was the day the 3rd and final Yeezy’s dropped.  As expected, there were massive crowds in the city as people were making a last-ditch effort to secure themselves a pair.  Such was the scene at Livestock Saturday morning as over 100 people were lined up for raffle tickets.  There was actually a line up started by 2 heads from Buffalo on Tuesday, but due to complaints by locals, Livestock had to change their game plan and shut down the lineup.  Instead, they issued raffle tickets Saturday morning and held a raffle for the under 20 pairs of Yeezy’s they had received from Nike.

Elsewhere in the city, Stolen Riches had a lineup started Wednesday from the group that had to relocate after Livestock changed their tactic.  Footlocker on Yonge/Dundas was choatic; and even all the way north of the city, at The Vault in Vaughan, a massive turn out Saturday morning.  As one poster put it on NikeTalk:

“Didn’t get my pair womp…..
LS (Livestock) was a madhouse.
FL (Footlocker) raffle was packed.
Nike on Queen got 8 Pairs.”

Line up Saturday morning Raffle tickets

Just to give you a sense of what June 6 was like outside of Toronto: Livestock Calgary had their grand opening and people were lining up in winter (yes WINTER: snow!) weather, while in balmy Vancouver, they utilized our Top 10 things to have at an ultra-hyped up sneaker drop. post and waited for the launch.

img_0636 Calgary


And finally, at the end of the whole Yeezy saga, Bryan Espiritu (founder of Legends League/Ideall) unleashed his Fully Wholly: Air Yeezy Collection characters.  And in case you were like us and asked, “what’s a fully wholly?”:

“A ‘Wholly’ is a stylized character who is composed of a base or shell that generally has 4 holes in it. Those 4 holes provide me with endless possibilities to solving graphic problems. I use the base or shell as a canvas to create the character, and the holes to act as ports to extensions of the character.  For the Yeezy Wholly’s I used the shutter shade texture inside the bear ears, and used the feet to display each shoe.” Bryan Espiritu


yeezy_wholly_april_1 yeezy_wholly_april_2 yeezy_wholly_may_1

yeezy_wholly_may_2 yeezy_wholly_june_1 yeezy_wholly_june_2


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